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 C I Corporation has created many convenient programs for your use, including:

CallNot Easily remove Do Not Call phone numbers from your databases
FoxReporter Creates the "impossible" reports, full featured, font friendly report writer.
ACTdDupe! deduplicates ACT! data files, merging Activities, History, and Notes
ACT Clean! utilities to "Clean Up Your ACT!"   Including the new ACT! 7.0
A package including Mr. & Ms. Contact, ACTdDupe!, and other utilities
InitCAPS puts your database in intelligent initial caps
(Ex. It makes MCDONALD into McDonald, not Mcdonald)
Mr. & Ms. Contact for putting "Mr." or "Ms." into your contact database.
ACTFox Displays all the ACT! tables, and their relationships in windows to browse and edit
ACT! Record Manager Manager Allows you to sort in the Contact List, and create reports on the Record Manager field
ACT! Record Remover After synchronizing you may find another sales person's records in your ACT! database. This removes them.
ACTGroup Quickly and easily create or update groups based on the contents of specified fields.  Includes Group DeDupe
ACTPopUp Automatically create DropDown list import files from your data
ACT Attachment Freedom Enables you to change and validate the path to attachments in ACT!
ACT! 1099 Template - send IRS tax forms right from your database
ACT FieldName! utility to easily see the real names of each field in the ACT! database.
ACT! GroupClose Schedule Sales/Opportunities for, and close them for any Group in one step. Saves time to keep your sales staff scheduling and closing sales, rather than typing.
ACT! Address Cleaner Quickly standardize your address to align with U.S. Postal Service preferences for field order:
Person, Organization, Suite, Street, P.O. Box, City, State, Zip, Country
ACT! XTab Easily run crosstab analysis and reports by groups, for example, number of products sold
ACT! Email UDF Puts the email in any User Defined Field you wish for exporting in a spreadsheet
ACTSplit utility to split your ACT! database into chunks of separate ACT! databases
ACTSplit utility to split your ACT! database into chunks of separate ACT! databases
ACTViewer Provide the ability for staff to look up information in your ACT! database, but not change, print, or otherwise walk off with your list
ACT! Congress Database Names, addresses, and phone numbers of the House of Representatives and Senate in ACT! format.
ACT! Embassy Database Names, addresses, and phone numbers of the US Embassies of the countries of the world in ACT! format.
AllField.Cly Screen Layout See all the fields at once glance!  See:
ACTBDS Special report writer for ACT! database for BDS
Back Up FTP FREE batch file and FTP script to save your files on your Web server
CleanDBF Utilities to clean up your DBF files" including Mr. & Ms. Contact, SuperDeDuper and others
DataFax By Link Systems to control your data monster.
EmailASC Encrypt your Web site email addresses so they cannot be picked up by Spam Robots.
EmailDBF Email message processor to extract specific data and place it in a useful database format
Field Use utility to display the field usage and widths required in an ACT!, Goldmine, or any DBF file
FiltEx Fast FoxPro Filter Express, using indexing
FirstLastName Better First and Last Name parsing, fixes problems with ACT!'s automatic name parsing
FieldLength Analyzer scans your database to show you how wide you need fields to be.
FieldMap Superior, big screen, full featured data import utility
FileChop chops a data text file into chunks, into files of 500 lines for example.
FoxFiler Microsoft left FILER out of FoxPro 5.0, but you won't miss it with this super file manager!
Funkeys Making the FoxPro Function Keys more functional and fun.
Goldmine to ACT! Conversion Process Upgrade from Goldmine to ACT! with all your Contacts, Activities, Emails, Groups, History, Links, Notes, and Sales!
Goldmine CleanUp Utilities to clean up your Goldmine databases including Mr. & Ms. Contact, SuperDeDuper and others.
Goldmine.Screen Layout See your fields as they appears in your other software. Good for after conversion to Goldmine! Free
GoldMineFox Displays all the GoldMine tables, and their relationships in windows to browse and edit.  Helpful in Goldmine conversions.
HTML-ASC Encrypt your Web site so your hard HTML code work cannot be copied by cyber-copiers or plagiarists.
HTMLegal formats ordinary court reporter text transcripts into dynamic HTML
Importer superior Importer for DBF files with field level control
IndexHTM Quickly create Index.htm web pages from a directory of files, such as graphic images
ODBCFox Extract data from any ODBC database in to FoxPro DBF tables
StoD converts any string to xBase Date format, for example "March 15, 2002", "15-Mar-02", "3/15" or "Ides of March" into 03/15/2002 format
Super dDuper deduplicates xbase data files
Swap Swap two fields very quickly, even in large databases
SharkFox Displays all the Sharkware tables, and their relationships in windows to browse and edit.  Helpful in Sharkware conversions.
SalesForceFox Displays all the tables, and their relationships in windows to browse and edit.  Helpful in conversions.
SetUpper Set up new software
Web Log File Mover Move older Log Files from your Windows Web Server to CDs or any other drive for Backup

These and other utilities can be obtained as part of our ongoing classes.

Xbase means any DBF file that is a variation of the original dBase format. dBase is a trademark of Borland Corporation. But dBase was developed at JPL for Vulcan at US Government expense, so it is really public domain, but whatever.

Many of these are ACT! AddOns

ACT! is a tradmark of Interact Commerce Corporation

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