Universal Importer

ACT Insert - Insert records into a database

The ordinary APPEND or IMPORT command of dBase Skips over Memo fields. It will try to put the memo contents in the next field in the structure, creating a mess.  

These commands also do not tell you if the field is too wide for the data. You could be truncating data without realizing it - until it is too late.

Here's a better way

This program gives you a progress report, with a time estimate for completion, so you can decide to go on to other things.

It handles unusual situations. You can import fields with embedded quotes, without it thinking it is time for the next field.

It takes perhaps a few minutes longer than the standard append, but this is because it is making many more decisions along the way, and checking the accuracy and completeness of the import. In the long run, this saves time.

It also shows you which fields need to be modified.