Upper/lower Case Text Converter
for DBF Format data

This program helps you make your database look much better. Perhaps you have a list of names and THEY ARE IN ALL CAPS! Doesn't this look ridiculous. Recipients of such mail will probably just throw it in the can.

Luckily you have InitCAPS, which, among other benefits:

Knows to make MCDONALD into McDonald, not Mcdonald like some "proper" functions we know

Allows you to customize its behavior, to accommodate special situations of your own.

Works on any Xbase/DBF file.


Sometimes we find that a data entry person has entered all the data in UPPERCASE. Some people enter their data in a combination of upper and lower case, such as Initital Caps. Sometimes the data is sometimes one way and sometimes the other.

It is easy to convert all the data to upper case with:
.replace all FIELD with upper(FIELD)

or convert all the data to lower case with:
.replace all FIELD with lower(FIELD)

But what if we want a mixture, such as initial characters in upper case and other characters in lower case?

InitCAPS is a program to convert dBase dBF data to Initial Cap words. To use it, from the FoxPro or dBase command prompt:

1. Type USE and the database you would like to convert

2. Type DO InitCAPS (upper or lower case is OK)

3. Enter the field that you would like to convert to Initial Caps


4. Enter the record you would like to start converting at. For

example, you may wish to start the process halfway through.

5. Watch the process for any glitches or unusual cases:

Ex. McLaughlin, DuPont, dBase, Miller-Wood, O'Hara, MCI

and jot down their record numbers for later editing.

InitCAPS will work on any character field regardless of length, or any database regardless of length. It is designed to be used on fields such as Names, Addresses, Organizations, Cities, or and information which should be written with capital letters.

InitCAPS will ignore case on numbers and punctuation. In general, characters following a space will get converted to upper case. Characters immediately following a quote, open parenthesis,

or a comma will also get converted to upper case. Other special cases may be built in by a dBase programmer.

You may stop the process at any time by pressing the ESC key. You may restart the process by typing DO InitCAPS, and specifying the record number you would like to restart at. InitCAPS works from the top of the database to the bottom.

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If you have any problems or suggestions, please write:

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