Chops a data text file into chunks,
into files of 500 lines for example.

Problem: You have a data file and want the file divided into smaller files of so many lines.

For example, to upload your contact data file into, you must have the file in no more than 500 rows.

Solution:  Run your data file through FileChop, and specify the maximum number of lines you would like in each file.  FileChop will automatically create the desired files, complete with field name header information.

Created 88 TXT files from 1 in minutes automatically

One time use (send us your data file): Only $20

Sofware for your own use: $50

We can take any ASCII data file export and chop it up for you. It can create CSV (Comma Separated Value) files, SDF (Standard Data Format), or various others. It can be from Access, ACT!, dBase, FoxPro, GoldMine, SalesLogix, Maximizer, TeleMagic, Microsoft Outlook, etc.

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