ACT! Tax Templates

Making IRS Reporting a Joy!

When it comes time to pay your consultants and contractors, you can use your ACT! database records to generate scores of 1099’s in minutes.

Here are the steps

  1. Download the appropriate ACT report template. (See list below)
  2. Copy it to your ACT\REPORT directory
  3. You may need to customize the fields to your database structure. For example, this template uses:
    We use FAX_EXT as the field for Tax ID, widened from 8 to accommodate 11 characters

    We used a User Defined field to contain the amount they earned in the tax year reported

  4. Type the appropriate Tax Ids or SSNs, and their amount earned into the fields you defined.
  5. Create and select a group of contacts that should receive a 1099.
  6. Select Reports, Other Report.., 1099.rep, Current Lookup, Preview
  7. You will see three per page (see below)
  8. Print 3 copies, one for your records, for the contractor, and for the IRS.

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