Introducing DataFax...the easy
way to tame your Data Monster.

Available for IBM PC and Apple III

If you deal with information
you're probably dealing with a
Data Monster.

He's that mass of notes,
Scribbled messages, Phone
numbers. And all the thousand-
and-one other important
pieces of information you have
floating around your life.
But with DataFax from Link
Systems, you can keep your
Data Monster under control--
plus have a lot more power
over your information than you
ever thought possible.

Unlike most "data manager"
software programs made for
your Apple, DataFax doesn't
care what you data looks like.
Or how long it is, how many
items it has or what you want
to do with it.

The power we've pro-
grammed into DataFax makes
it as simple and natural to use
as a pencil and paper.  You can
fill up a screen with anything
you want--even information
already stored on disk.  Then
cross-reference it as many dif-
ferent ways as you'd like--by a
data, a species, a customer's
name, whatever.

So when you need that infor-
mation, DataFax will retrieve it
in a way that's meaningful to
you.  The powerful keyword
function allows you to get infor-
mation out as quickly and
easily as you entered it.  And
DataFax is the only software of
its kind to let you expand from
floppy to hard disks, so it will
never be obsolete.

If getting so
much power for
so little effort
seems too good
to be true, send
us the cou-
pon and we'll
send you all
the details.
Or see
Apple computer
dealer and prove it
to yourself--before
your data situation
gets any harrier.


Because whether you've got
a monster of a data problem--
or just a small one--DataFax
can tame it.

I want to tame
my Data Monster.

Please rush me more information
Apple II    Apple III
Dealer inquiry
Send me (quantity)
DataFax for the Apple II at $199
each.  CA residents add 6% tax.
Shipping in U.S.A. $3.00 for first
copy, 50 c each additional copy.
Foreign please add an additional
$10 shipping and handling
charge per order.
Credit Card #
Expiration data

Mail to: Link Systems
1640 19th Street
Santa Monica, CA
(213) 453-1851

Simply powerful software
that links it all together

For Apple III computers