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Hypertext Transcript Formatting Software for Court Reporters and Attorneys

This program takes Court Reporter Text files and puts them into HTML format.  It works with the output of the eTranscript software, by expanding your capabilities.    All for a one-time charge of only $49.00.  We offer a Free Trial of one court case document which we will email to you, to see how useful it is.

You can choose from 1 to 3 columns: 
1. Line number
2. Text of the Transcript
3. Comments and Links

In a courtroom situation, the attorney with the information at his fingertips has the advantage.   You and your opposing attorney may have the same transcript, but the clarity of the format can make all the difference in someone's life.

The HTMLegal program adds a new major format for your Court Reporter transcript documents.  Court reporters have been able to provide you ordinary ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) Text or Word documents. Now, this adds the power of the Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) to the court room.

HTML is the format that evolved into the standard for the World Wide Web because of its power and flexibility in displaying a wide variety of information. You can use this during the trial, with the transcript available on your laptop computer for fast, efficient searching and access.

Comparison of the 3 Major Formats
Which one is clearer?


ASCII Text  or Word Format

eTranscript Format

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  • Viewable with most word processors
  • Document can be manually reformatted
  • Easy to look up by key words in the index
  • Can output to various formats, including ASCII Text
  • Has pagination so you can see where you are
  • Add your own Comments, Notes, and HyperLinks in the 3rd column
  • See the document in pages to help you keep track of where you are
  • See more on a page at a glance, for less fumbling through pages of testimony
  • You can paginate the transcript in various ways for easier printing and reading, including double or triple spacing
  • Use FrontPage or other editing software to put in quick hyperlinks to jump from one section to another, or to external documents.
  • Add Maps, Photos, and other important information to help jog your memory during the trial, using the "right brain"
  • Helps you highlight important points
    through Color Coding of text
  • For easier cutting and pasting of the text.  You have the option of including or excluding the line numbers with the text.
  • You can post the HTML document on a private web page for simultaneous access and review by multiple attorneys and clients.  Everyone will see the most up to date notes and ideas.
  • Helps you organize your case, especially on retrials, to highlight inconsistencies in prior testimony, and view them side by side
  • HTML format helps you organize information more easily.  Organization  is the key to winning more trials. 
  • Hard to find important sections quickly because it has no pagination
  • Cannot add your own notes
  • Manual reformatting is tedious
  • Must install special software
  • Cannot add your own notes, diagrams, or graphics
  • None we can think of.
    We plead the 5th on this!
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Additional Benefits of using HTMLegal format

How it works - 3 easy steps

  1. In eTranscript, use File, Save As, into a TXT file.

  2. Launch HTMLegal

  3. Select the TXT file, and it automatically creates a file with the HTM extension

Sample Screen of Court Reporter Transcript in HTMLegal

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    Enhancements Coming Soon

Indexing on Keywords with hypertext links for quick jumps


We offer a Free Trial of one court case document which we will email to you, to see how useful it is.

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Custom Formatting

We can also create custom formats to your specifications.
For example, you may want a 4th column, with the line numbers
on the right side, with all Questions in bold,
or with all answers highlighted in green, etc.

You name it - we can format it that way!



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