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Knowledge is for ACTion. ACTion is for achievement. Achievement is for fulfillment.

Data Migration To all versions of ACT!
Patents Pending

Since 1992 we have converted over 3000 people from other CRMs to ACT!
for over $1 million in billing

"Thanks a million! Your work was terrific! And you can quote me on it."
Attorney E. Romero, Milwaukee, WI (former SharkWare user, now using ACT!)

"Thanks Rick. This is GREAT!!!!"
"You've brought more customers from ACT!'s competitors than any ACC (ACT! Certified Consultant)."
Elias Dergal-Alpizar
Regional Manager Latin America, ACT! Division

Please contact us for password to see more References

Standard Fee Chart
based on the number of contact records

We help organize data into a form where it can best be acted upon, to fulfill your goals.  One of the best tools for using knowledge about your contacts to carry out more effective action is ACT!





ACT! 6 to ACT! 7 - for

& Web

We can help you setup, synchronize, and train your staff!
We can get you past those pesky conversion upgrade errors!
Update to the latest SQL based version!  (from 7 up)

ACT! 7 - 16 2015 to ACT! 6 2004

Upgrade (or rather "down-grade") from any of the ACT! SQL versions (7 up) if you find 6.0 to be faster

ACT! 1.0 to ACT!

We can help you upgrade from previous versions.
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Access to ACT!

Access your contacts with ACT!


Use a better Business Contact Manager with ACT!

Bill Good's Gorilla

Stop monkeying around.  Bill was good, but ACT! is better.

Broker's Ally

Make ACT! your new Ally

Broker's NoteBook

Put your Broker's notes into ACT!


Retreive your data into ACT!


Contact Information Assistant

CiviCRM to ACT!

CiviCRM to ACT conversion

Contact Plus to ACT!

Contacts plus all your other information to ACT!

CRM Dynamics to ACT!

Microsoft CRM to ACT conversion
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Excel to ACT!

ACT! excels Excel
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FileMaker  to ACT!

Windows or Mac

GoldMine to ACT!

The Golden Path to ACT!   More complete and cost effective than ICC's or MigrateAdmin


HubSpot to ACT!

Inscomm to ACT!

insurance contact management to ACT!

Intellect to ACT!

Use your intellect, avoid the Chaos, and convert to ACT!
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Lotus Notes to ACT!

Make a note to convert to ACT!
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Maximizer to ACT!

The Maximum Migration to ACT!
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Novell GroupWise to ACT!

It is wiser to move your group to ACT!

NetSuite to ACT!

Data caught in a Net on the web?  Be free with ACT!
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Outlook to ACT!

Look Out Microsoft!  You're Out and ACT! is in.

Q&A to ACT!

No Question, ACT! is the Answer!
nosoftware_49x49.gif (1225 bytes) to ACT!

Own your data from the Web in ACT!
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SalesLogix to ACT!
discontinued product but we can convert it

If downsizing, moving your sales data to ACT!
SugarCRM to ACT! From Sugar to sweet ACT!

ACT! to SalesLogix

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If upsizing, logically moving up to "ACT's big brother"
discontinued product. We can do it but not recommended
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SharkWare to ACT!

Swim out of the Jaws into ACT!
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TeleMagic to ACT!
aka Sage CRM

magical conversion from the best to the Best


The Clarion call to migrate the TPS format to ACT!

Tracker to ACT!

make tracks to ACT!

Uptrends to ACT!

The trend is to upgrade to ACT!

Others under development
or upon request

SalesNet, Janna Contact, and other "impossible" conversions

Help on Sending and Receiving your ACT! database
To move From ACT! to another system and Send it to us
For big files, go to
Select the file such as ""

To move To ACT!  and
To Receive your converted database
and open it up for your use.

Here are some Post-Conversion Help Tips

Data Conversion Matrix

This process uses the

Converting in to ACT!

Exporting all your data from ACT!

pic  pic

We help organizations take inert contact lists and databases and convert them to dynamic ACT databases.  We can convert ALL the data and retain their relationships, including contacts, secondary contacts, activities, groups, histories, and notes. 

We have converted lists into ACT! from a wide variety of sources--mailing list houses, the Internet, or CD data distributors, for a variety of criteria:

* Persons in specific geographic areas

* Congressmen and Senators in Washington DC

* Embassies and Ambassadors in the USA

along with information about the areas they represent

All files are pre-checked with Duane Anderson's ACTDiag.exe ACT! diagnostics program.

All your data is kept strictly confidential, and for your protection and convenience, we have a Non-Disclosure Agreement

Let us help help turn your data into action! How To - Upload your files for us to convert

More Information

Questions & Answers from Customers
To send your file for data conversion:

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  We convert your files on fast computers, and monitor their progress closely.

Database Conversions transplant the "brain" of your business, and the
"memory" of all your contacts and activities "embodied" in new software.
For the same cost of the tools, you can have an experienced expert do the operation.

PowerPoint Presentation

We can help you overcome those pesky upgrade errors, such as

Error: "Conversion has been halted with the following message: The process cannot access the file 'pre7actdb.adb' because it is being used by another process."
When Converting an ACT! 6.x Database to 16+

Conversion from CRMs, Before and After

Before in other CRMs

After in ACT!

Corrington, UK




Contact Screen



Contact Screen

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We can also purge your ACT! database of numbers on the FTC's Do Not Call List

Rick Shaddock
C I Corporation
Washington, DC

ACT! is a registered trademark of Sage Software


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