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Converting from FileMaker to ACT!

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We specialize in getting ALL the details from one database format into another. 

So you don't have to re-enter any data.

We have years of experience doing projects with FileMaker and ACT!

How to Send your files for conversion From FileMaker

ODBC and FileMaker Pro

How to Receive your converted database in ACT!

If you want to convert from ACT! to FileMaker, please see

Fees and Order form

Converting from and to

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Fred Gratzon, President and CEO, Telegroup.com

Nancy DarrWashington Design Group

Christine Roberts, Blue Chair Design

Einar Olsen, Natural Health Technologies

Joe Chromy, Momentum Business Strategies
for  Schwartz Communications

We can Improve your Data as it is Converted

As part of our conversion process, we can also "clean up" your data.

People do not always enter the data as they "should."  We have seen just about everything over the years!

Phone fields with email addresses in them - we separate them out in to the appropriate fields

Users with multiple User IDs - we developed a procedure to combine them in to a single ID

Year 2000 problems - We can fix dates from the year 1899 to 1999

Fields that are too large for the data - We can put them in to Microsoft Access
See AccessACT.com for technologies to allow Access to work inside of ACT!

So your data is in better condition after the conversion.
See our ACT! data cleaning services at  ACTCleanUp.com

Examples of our Conversions from FileMaker to ACT!

Note: Names, Phone numbers, and Addresses have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals
For example, the Name has been changed to "Bruce Wayne"

Before in FileMaker

After in ACT!

Company Information

Company Information



Details - User Defined Fields

Details - User Defined Fields





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