ACT! SQL (7, 8, 9 or 10) and ACT! 6
Upgrade or Down-grade by Version

We can help you
Upgrade from version 6.0 to the latest version of ACT!
We can "downgrade" your SQL database to the version 6.0 format.   

We know ACT! "backwards and forwards" so we can do this.

Converting from ACT 6.0 to the Latest

preventing lost data during upgrades

prevent broken attachment links

avoid conversion upgrade errors

Converting back to ACT 6.0

Perhaps you have found that ACT! SQL (7, 8, 9, or 10)

  • is not what you expected

  • is a bit slower

  • seems to use up more memory

  • is not able to do certain reports you want

  • or you can use the Group table as a Company table just fine.

  • or for whatever reason, does not suit you as well as ACT! 6

You can go back to the good old days of ACT!

"Back to the Future!"

You were used to the blazing fast
speed of ACT! 6.0

but you find that ACT! SQL
(2008 or 2007 or 2006 or 2005 )
seem to take "decades" to load
compared to ACT! for 2004!

SQL7, 8, 9, 10 act2000box.jpg (4961 bytes)   arrow.small.right.gif (271 bytes)  6.0
From ACT! 2008 (or 2007 or 2006 or 2005) back to 2004 or earlier
We can also help you upgrade to SQL and avoid conversion upgrade errors


Limitations - work-arounds are in the works

 Standard fee chart

How to Send Your ACT! Database for Conversion
The Big 3 files to send: .ADF, .ALF, .PAD

Data File


ACTDemo.ADF ACT! Data File  - required

ACTDemo.ALF ACT! Log File  - required

wpe5.jpg (1168 bytes)

ACTDemo.PAD Pointer to ACT! Database
required but could be recreated

wpe14.jpg (1194 bytes)

ACTDemo-database files  (optional) Folder of Templates, Reports, etc.
Optional - you would need to create these in 6.0

How to Receive Your Converted ACT! Database

This screen says "You cannot save the converted version back to the previous format."

But we found a way to end the one way street!


Don't blame Pat!

Pat Sullivan invented ACT! in 1986 then sold it to Symantec in 1993
"Back to the Future" was the name of the ad campaign to celebrate
Pat's re-purchase of ACT! from Symantec in 2000
when he felt it was not doing justice to his creation..
He sold ACT! again to Best Software Inc. which sold it to Sage
and was not responsible for ACT! 7 for 2005.

The Back to the Future movie is a trademark of Universal Pictures