Uptrends Management Software, Inc.

The principals of UMS have extensive backgrounds in software manufacturing, engineering, and management. Founded in 1988, we provide a wide and unique range of custom programming services. Although the program has extensive features for customization right out of the box, we can provide a wide variety of custom services, such as interfaces to other programs, or the creation of entirely new functions to suit your needs. You might be surprised to discover how affordable such services can be.

Uptrends uses the TPS data format.  The TPS file type is primarily associated with 'Clarion for Windows' by SoftVelocity. Clarion employs template driven technology to create database-driven applications

Software is a tool designed to increase productivity, and UPTRENDS is the type of program you'll be using often. We continue to do our best to create powerful, aesthetic, yet cost effective data management solutions, and for over a decade we've listened to input from our customers. Your opinions are important to us, so please, don't hesitate to provide us with suggestions. Here's wishing you success!

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