Embassy Database

The World is our Family

This Embassy Database includes the names, addresses and phone numbers for the representatives of all countries with a US embassy!

This ASCII file lists the name, country, and telephone numbers

The file is available in a variety of formats:

ASCII: Delimited, DIF, TXT
Contact Managers: ACT!, GoldMine, SalesLogix
Databases: Access, dBase, FoxPro, Paradox
Faxing: WinFax, Microsoft Fax
Spreadsheets:Excel, Lotus, Quattro
Word Processing: Word, WordPerfect
(Other formats available upon request)

Record Layout:
Each file is formatted as a variable number of fixed-length records made up of four fixed-length, tab-separated fields, defined as follows:

Name of Ambassador
DC Address
DC Phone
DC Fax
District Phone

Each record ends in an ASCII CR-LF pair. The total record length (including tab separator and CR-LF characters) is exactly 21 bytes.


If you want to decompress the file sent via email, you need at least 1MB of free space on your hard disk.
PKZip or WinZip.

Prices: June '98 data Quarterly*Subscription Monthly** Subscription
Congress database $60.00 $160/year $240/year

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