Notes to ACT!

We can help you convert from Lotus Notes to ACT!


Here is a way to convert from ACT! to Notes

Dim session As New NotesSession
Dim db As NotesDatabase
Set db = session.currentdatabase
Dim contactdoc As NotesDocument
Dim actview As NotesView
Set actview = db.GetView("luByActId")
Dim ACTId As String
Dim appflag As Boolean

'check and see if they want to specify the .dbf file to import, or they have only one file which the system will find.
If Messagebox("Do you have more than 1 ACT Database to import?", MB_YESNO + MB_ICONQUESTION) = IDYES Then
FileName = OpenCommDlg
Set objDatabase = CreateObject("ACTOLE.DATABASE")
objDatabase.Open FileName
Set objApplication = CreateObject("ACTOLE.APPOBJECT")
Set objDatabase = CreateObject("ACTOLE.DATABASE")
objDatabase.Open objApplication.GetOpenDBName
appflag = True
End If

If objDatabase.IsMultiUser Then

Dim username As String
Dim password As String
username = Inputbox("Please Enter a User Name")
password = Inputbox("Please Enter a Password")
objDatabase.validateuser username, password

End If

Dim counter As Long
counter = 0

Dim pp As Integer
If objDatabase.IsOpen Then
Set objContact = objDatabase.CONTACT

If objContact.recordCount > 0 Then
While Not objContact.IsEOF
If objContact.Data(CF_PublicPrivate) = 1 Then
counter = counter + 1
Print "Importing Record " & counter & " of " objContact.recordCount

ACTId = objContact.Data(CF_UniqueID)

Set contactdoc = actview.GetDocumentByKey(ACTId, True)

If contactdoc Is Nothing Then
Set contactdoc = db.createdocument()
contactdoc.ACTUniqueID = objContact.Data(CF_UniqueID)
End If

contactdoc.Form = "Prospect"
contactdoc.ContactStatus = "Prospect"
contactdoc.CompanyName = objContact.Data(CF_Company)
contactdoc.ContactName = objContact.Data(CF_Name)
contactdoc.ContactTitle = objContact.Data(CF_Title)
contactdoc.ContactDepartment = objContact.Data(CF_Department)
contactdoc.ContactPhoneOffice = objContact.Data(CF_Phone)
contactdoc.ContactPhoneFax = objContact.Data(CF_Fax)
contactdoc.ContactPhoneCell =objContact.Data(CF_MobilePhone)
contactdoc.ContactSalutation = objContact.Data(CF_Salutation)
contactdoc.WebSite = objContact.Data(CF_URL)
contactdoc.CompanyAddressL1 = objContact.Data(CF_Address1)
contactdoc.CompanyAddressL2 = objContact.Data(CF_Address2)
contactdoc.CompanyAddressL3 = objContact.Data(CF_Address3)
contactdoc.CompanyCity = objContact.Data(CF_City)
contactdoc.CompanyState = objContact.Data(CF_State)
contactdoc.CompanyZip = objContact.Data(CF_Zip)
contactdoc.CompanyCountry = objContact.Data(CF_Country)
contactdoc.ContactEmail = objContact.Data(CVF_EmailAddress)

End If
End If
Set objContact = Nothing
If appflag Then
End If
End If

End Sub