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Conversions to ACT!

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Mapping What your software can do in terms of mapping associations between company, groups and contacts? This is a critical element for me want to minimize post-import work.

We do conversions as a service, not software.  It is too complex for most people to learn a new conversion software and be able to recognize anomalies.  We do this every day, so it makes sense for us to do the conversion, then send the customer the finished database.  Based on our experience of doing conversions since 1996, we map the fields to the logical best fit in the destination software.  The customer only has to open the finished database and start using it.  That's our goal.

Custom Fields
How your software handles custom field creation.  Not sure how youd
layout the custom fields without having a conversation with me.
Our service creates custom fields as they are needed.  We lay them out in the order that they are in the source software.  in our case, the User Defined Fields (UDFs) will appear in ACT! in the order they were in Outlook.
Field Mapping
>Can you describe the desired mappings/associations?  Can you call so you could react real-time to the data and my comments and tell me what the mappings are possible.
We take care of the field mapping so the customer does not have to worry about it.  
How much would the conversion cost?.  If this single 15K dataset goes well, then I have several others Id like to discuss.
We base the cost on the number of contact records, to make it easy

for use to give quotations.  Here is our chart.


Outlook Is your pricing based on number of PST files provided? 
We have based our conversions on the number of contacts, according to our standard fee chart
Outlook If so, can the provided PST have multiple folders with multiple associated custom forms?
Yes, we can convert the data from multiple folders, or PST files, such as one for each user.
We can create custom forms in ACT! to match the forms in Outlook as an add on service at an hourly rate
Outlook If so, what would you need me to provide to you?  Id want all custom fields to be transferred as is.
We would need just the PST file(s).  You can upload them to us with the instructions at
Outlook Would I be able to provide a few requests along with the PST?  For instance, to add a column identifying the folder from which the contacts came.
Yes we can add a User Defined Field to record the name of the PST that the data originally came from.
Outlook Groups Do categories automatically create groups?  If so, great.
Yes, we can create ACT! groups from the Outlook categories.
Excel Do you also provide import services for data currently held in Excel?  If so, what is the cost for this service? 
We can also convert data from Excel in to ACT!  We use the prices on our standard fee chart.  Excel databases are generally simpler than CRM since they usually contain just contact data and user defined fields, rather than activities, history or notes.  We always give a quote before conversion, so the customer knows what it will cost.
Conversion Why are there SemiColons are in the Phone Field and no Phone Extension?


We can help you overcome  those pesky upgrade errors, such as

Error: "Conversion has been halted with the following message: The process cannot access the file 'pre7actdb.adb' because it is being used by another process."
When Converting an ACT! 6.x Database