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Doing the "Impossible" Conversions to ACT!

GoldMine to ACT! 

"There is no way for ACT! to import the Goldmine files due to the difference in file structure." - Ron K

Maximizer_icon.jpg (1183 bytes)Maximizer to ACT! 

"Act cannot read in the Maximizer files in Btrieve, so the Maximizer MAP file is useless." - Mark C

nosoftware_49x49.gif (1225 bytes)SalesForce.com to ACT!

"You can't get the data from the web into a non-web product such as ACT" - GD

Sharks.jpg (1250 bytes) SharkWare to ACT!  

"I can get my SharkWare data into Maximizer, but not into ACT!" - Greg D

outlook.jpg (1020 bytes) Outlook to ACT!

Product from PersonalCRM.com

LotusNotes.jpg (1146 bytes)Lotus Notes to ACT!

groupwise.jpg (1393 bytes)Groupwise by Novell to ACT!

"Novell uses the Btrieve format, a format that ACT cannot interpret." - Mark C

filemaker.jpg (951 bytes)FileMaker - Windows or Mac to ACT!

wpe1.gif (2200 bytes) TeleMagic to ACT!

access.jpg (1135 bytes)  Access to ACT!

"We haven't been able to import our Access data into ACT! and need your help." Mike H - British Embassy

access.jpg (1135 bytes)  Excel to ACT!

"The problem I am having completing the conversion is due to ACT not accepting hard returns from the excel spreadsheet data"  Donna T


Broker's Ally, SalesNet, Janna Contact

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To send your file for data conversion: ACTConvert.com/send

"Data, things are only impossible until they are not!"
Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek, Episode 117: The Outcast

"Life is a field of all possibilities"
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

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