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Zach Nelson, President of NetSuite with
Rick Shaddock, President of CI Corporation

Helping you to set up your accounting and business on the Web

PC MagazineNetSuite Small Business ($99 per month for the first user, $49 per month per additional user) also provides Web-based CRM capabilities, but it really sets its aim on much broader goals, offering back-end database, accounting, Web site management and analysis, and human resources features as well. NetSuite's all-in-one approach and comprehensive dashboards may appeal to companies that don't want to assemble multiple software products, though its interface can be a bit intimidating compared with more specialized packages (NetSuite Inc., ).



Converting Data
to NetSuite

NetSuite CSV Import

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Importing data from a
variety of other data formats and database systems:

Access, CSV, dBase, DBF,ACT,DBF, Excel, FoxPro, Paradox, XLS, XML and more.



Accounting Consultant: George Soutar
Payroll & Benefits Specialist, Taxes, Training

Setup Consultant: Rick Shaddock
Data Conversion and XML Importing
NetSuite Report Customization
Staff Training

Programming: Gabriel Anwar
 XML, HTML, SQL Server

Nationwide Consulting Assistance
 Gerard Pereira
David Tocus

NetSuite Cccountant and Consultant

NetSuite Teaching Assistant

Form Design: Oksana Shemet

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First Annual Certified Consultant Conference in 2002 when
NetSuite was called the "Oracle Small Business Suite"

Oracle Small Business's award-winning
software has two significant value-propositions:

1)  web-based...allows for anytime anywhere access to live data;  reduces IT software and hardware costs (all you need to run our product is a
web-browser and an internet connection); reduces the headaches of running a desktop application (data backups, file exchanges, etc); and is the future of software.

2) completely integrated...allows you to run all of your business processes in one system (accounting, e-commerce, customer relationship management, employee center, sales force automation, etc).   Rather than purchasing incompatible software from 4 different vendors, and manually re-entering data to update all of the applications, our software is completely integrated, thus saving time and money.  

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