XML Consulting and Conversions

We can convert your data in to NetSuite using XML from any of the following formats

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Oracle Data Format

<smbxml missingFieldOverwrite="false">
 <request missingFieldOverwrite="true">
    <addressName>Warehouse 1</addressName>
    <attention>J. Doe Jr.</attention>
    <addressee>John's Handy Mart</addressee>
    <line1>47 Foundry Street</line1>
    <line2>Warehouse 1</line2>
    <city>Palo Alto</city>
    <addressText>John Doe
     Jr. John's Handy Mart Warehouse
     47 Foundry Street
     Palo Alto, CA 94403

Converting Data from Around the World
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Rick Shaddock - DrConvert.com


We can help you avoid the following errors:

Failed parsing XML: The import has failed due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Required data fields were missing;

  2. There were invalid or nonsupported characters which may have been introduced by external file editors; or

  3. If this is an smbXML import, the elements may have been out of order as defined by the DTD.


Rick Shaddock
 Gabriel Anwar