ACT! Databases

* Businesses sorted by service or industry

* Members of national associations and interest groups

With your data in ACT! format, you can more effectively target your efforts, and benefit from the many features of ACT!:

* Autodial contacts for an initial call

* Create and print customized form letters

* Fax information and proposals directly from ACT!

* Schedule meetings which appear on a variety of calendars

* Record notes on calls and meetings

* Automatically remind you of important tasks

* Print progress reports

We can convert the data for a fraction of the cost of purchasing the database files and converting the data yourself. We know how to manipulate the data into the specific format ACT requires. We have developed many techniques to speed the process.

We are knowledgeable about the data stored on a variety of operating systems and hardware:

DOS, Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, HP and pocket computers, ...

We can accommodate a variety of data storage media, such as:

3.5" disk, 5 1/4", Tape cartridges, CD-ROM, PCMCIA, ...

We are familiar with many word processing packages which store mailing lists, such as :

Word, WordPerfect, Wang, MacWrite, ...

We are familiar with the different formats of data, such as:

ASCII, Delimited (CSV), Standard Data Format, DBF, ...

We are experts in database software packages which can store mailing lists, such as:

dBase, FoxPro, Access, Paradox, Oracle, 4th Dimension, ...