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Clean Up Your ACT!

  Do Not Call scrubbing - custom scripts

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AddOns by Doctor ACT!

These product use the

Clean up your ACT! - standardize your addresses and perform an infinite variety of global replaces
ACT!Not - Clean Do Not Call numbers from your database
ACTdDupe - merge and remove records so that no data is lost
InitCAPS - put your names and addresses in Initial Caps intelligently
Mr. & Ms. Contact - put Mr. or Mrs. in front contact names automatically
DateLong - Converts numeric dates to words in any language. Ex. 1/12/1934 =January twelfth nineteen thirty four
ACT! Record Manager Manager - Allows you to sort, group, remove, and report on records, based on the Record Manager field
ACTPopUp - Automatically create or fix (dedupe, sort, reload, export) Drop-Down lists
ACTRegarding - Widening the field from 70 characters up to 254
ACT! Email UDF - Puts the email in any User Defined Field you wish
ACT! Exporter - export the ACT! database in to CSV and other formats

ACTFox - view or edit your ACT! database using FoxPro
ACT! 1099 - send out your tax reports with this report template FREE
AllField.Cly Screen Layout - see all the fields at once with this screen layout FREE
Attachment Freedom - change and verify the links to file attachments
EmailDBF - Email message processor to extract specific data and place it in a useful database format
FieldName - utility to see the real names of the fields and their numbers
FieldUse - utility to determine which ACT! fields are used, and how wide they need to be
FirstLastName - Better First and Last Name parsing
FiltEx - Fast FoxPro Filter Express, using indexing
Goldmine to ACT! Conversion Process - upgrade from Goldmine to ACT!
Goldmine.Cly Screen Layout - see your fields as they would appear in Goldmine
ACT!Group - add or update groups based on contents of fields. Includes Group DeDupe
ACT! Group Sales - open or close sales all at once for a group
ACT! Viewer - allow users to view the ACT! database in Read Only mode
ACT! XTab - crosstab analysis of your database
ACT! Congress Database - names and addresses of Congressmen, Senators, and staff
ACT! Embassy Database - names and addresses of Ambassadors and Consulates

Some of these AddOns require SetupVisualFoxPro6Runtime.exe
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Convert your contact management data directly into Act! without leaving valuable data behind. We will completely convert unlimited companies, contacts, activities, histories, notes, sales, groups, custom fields, attachments and more! Why bother learning a new software program when we can do it faster, cheaper and ensure that your data is absolutely accurate. Your important data and data relationships are maintained. We convert from Goldmine, Maximizer, SalesForce, Sharkware, and many more.

Addressing | Shipping
Business Planning
Conversion Services | Data Export
Database Integration
Data Cleanup
Data Export | Conversion Services
Data Input
Data Lookup
Data Management
Document Management
Direct Mail Marketing
Email Marketing
Email Tools
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Manufacturer's Reps
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Mortgage Banking
Organizer AddOns (Paper)
Phone Tools
Project Management
Quoting | Proposals
Real Estate
Remote Access
   see also Data Export
Sales Leads
Sales | Marketing Tools
   see also Email Marketing
Time Tracking
Utilities | Accessories
Vertical Markets
Web Access
Web Tools
Wireless Access


Act-To-Outlook Convert

Tom Wikman

ACT-To-Outlook Convert
ACT-To-Outlook Professional
Outlook-To-ACT Quick Convert
ACT-To-Outlook Email
Email Integrator for ACT!
eReturn Detective for ACT!
eConvert for ACT!
eConvert for Outlook
eReturn Detective for Outlook

ACT! 4 Advisors
Welcome to Software4Advisors.
Allied Financial Software, Inc.
11800 Northfall LN
Suite 1404
Alpharetta, GA 30004

Customized Contact, Client and Office Management for Financial Advisors

Requires ACT! Version 6.0


Link ACT! to any database in your company!

ODBC 2.5 for ACT! allows the user to display, via SQL, all the information contained in SQL databases, in ACT! inside tabs or independent views. In particular it allows access to the databases within the main integrated management software packages on the market (SAP, JDE, Sage, Adonix, Navision,...)


Associates and displays one or more images with each contact

ACTMail combines Outlook (or Outlook Express) with ACT! by embedding it in an ACT Tab,  linking messages to contacts, exchanging data and more...

ACTAccess gives you accesss to external databases from within ACT!

ShellACT extends ACT! to the Windows Shell.

ActiveACT lets you view and edit "Active Documents" from within ACT!

ACTExplorer (Free) places a full-featured version of Internet Explorer directly within ACT!



Northwoods offers a wide range of products to further enhance the capabilities of ACT! A few of our favorites include:
Sales Automation Mania (SAM): A tool that can automate your repetitive and time consuming (and error prone) tasks. It will give you more time to sell, and help you make more sales.
Duplinator: Search for duplicates in your database then merge them together as one!
ACT2Excel: A utility that quickly moves data from the current ACT! contact into an Excel template. Great for quotes and invoices!


Address Grabber: No more wasting your time copying & pasting or re-typing a person's contact information. With Address Grabber, simply highlight the information you want, click a button, and it is automatically loaded as a contact in ACT!

Street Wizard

Street Wizard: Locate your contacts in ACT! on a map, or find what contacts in ACT! are in your area. This is a live two-way link that lets you pop-up your database or contact record with a click of the mouse, not just an import feature. Map out customers, deliveries, homes for sale or any other data. Street Wizard even automatically geo codes your database as you plot your contacts.
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The only  Automated Campaign Manager for ACT!
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ActTimeZone calculates the time difference between your current time zone and the time zone of every record in your database. The Time Difference (between your time zone and the records’ time zone) is added to you Act! Database for easy viewing. Daylight Saving Time is taken into consideration.

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ASDS Computers

ACTScan - Easily scan your documents directly into your ACT! Contact records right from the ACT! toolbar.
AutoAdmin - Automatically Synchronize, Compress & Reindex, Run Group Rules, Delete Remotely Deleted Records and Backup your database without having to leave ACT! and/or your email inbox open. Now with multiple timeslot and database support.

Custom ACT! Add-ons - Duane Anderson Signature Series of Software

Oakhurst Software

Established in 1990, Oakhurst developed and marketed a complete array of Sales Force Automation software applications compatible with ACT!


ACT!PAK! - The original Add On for ACT!
OAK!Check!™ - check your names, and addresses for deliverability
OAK!Merge!™ - easy merge utility
OAK!Quote!™ - create quotes right from ACT!
OAK!Script!™ - design scripts for your marketing people to follow in ACT!
OAK!Ship!™ - make shipping labels directly from ACT!
OAK!Zip!™. - check and update your Zip codes

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Practical Sales Tools

Wired Contact! - access your ACT! database from anywhere via the web
Unwired Contact! - access your ACT! database from anywhere via your cell phone
ZipCode Connection! - checkand update your Zip codes
Proximity! - select contact records based on their physical location
AreaCode Connection! - check and update your area codes
GeoLookup - look up contact records by their geographic location
FindersKeepers!Pro - find attachments and correct their paths
HeadsUp! Pro -
Back Up Your ACT! Automatic - quick and easy backup of your database`
ACE Mailer
ACE Email Checker
ACT to Access Export



WiredContact is an ACT! Web Client that allows you to access and update ACT! in real-time through your web browser. In other words, it is an HTML version of ACT! that enables you to share ACT! with your associates around the world - without syncronizing!

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