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Goldmine through Gold-ACT conversion to ACT!

What Problem Do We Solve?:

Many people want to convert from Goldmine to ACT!, but there has been no easy way to do it, without retyping the data.

The Goldmine.Map file provided inside the ACT! Import feature only brings in the Contact data (and no secondary contacts), without the important activities (calls, meetings, todo's), history, notes, groups, or email addresses.  So, you're only left with basic rolodex information.  "History was history."  But you need to benefit from your many hours of data entry with Goldmine.

Beneath the similar user interfaces of ACT! and Goldmine, are some complex tables, index keys, and data relationships.  ACT! and Goldmine store their contact data in different ways, using differing fields and approaches.  ACT's complex .BLB file is especially challenging to work with, which stores user information, notes, and attachment references. 

For years, Goldmine enjoyed the strategic advantage of being able to almost completely convert data from ACT! - while ACT! was unable to do that in the other direction.   Once an ACT! database was assimilated into Goldmine, there was no way back.   We were the first to find a way to fully convert Goldmine to ACT!

Interact Commerce Corporation's  Goldmine to ACT! conversion is good, but very expensive, and does not get essential information, such as the User who created the contacts, activities, history, or notes.  See our Sage - CIC Conversion Cost ComparisonMigrateAdmin is a good program, but it does not convert as completely as our process, or for all versions of ACT!.  Plus it takes time to learn this new software for a one-time process.  It may take weeks to realize if anything was not done properly.  By then, you have entered too many details to re-do the conversion.

What is the Best Solution?:

The "Goldmine to ACT Conversion Process" is a series of procedures and programs which convert any Goldmine (2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, FrontOffice, SQL version, etc.) database into any ACT! version format.  We can convert your:

Why is Data Conversion best done as a Service rather than a Software utility?

We do conversions every day, and know what details to look for.  There are hundreds of not-so-obvious details.  We have automated and manual Check Lists to cover all the details before we send your finished database.  So we get it done right the first time. 

For the same cost of a utility, you can have an expert do the conversion.  A utility is yet another software you would have to learn, just to use it once.  We realize your time is valuable, and that you need to begin entering details in to your ACT! database right away. 

Because we offer Goldmine to ACT! as a service, we have seen hundreds of Goldmine databases.  We are experienced in a wide variety usages of Goldmine, and can adapt our procedures to your needs.. Programmers who make a "one size fits all" utility have only seen a few different Goldmine databases.  They are not all the same, and we know how to work with the differences

We save you time and money by being experienced Goldmine to ACT! converters since 1992.   You could spend $300 to buy surgical equipment to do it yourself.  Our you can spend the same amount to have an experienced doctor do a "brain transplant" operation of your contact data.

Why is better at Converting from Goldmine to ACT?

Function SwiftPage ACT!
Database Services
Data2Crm StarFishEtl MigrateAdmin
ASDS Computers
Duane Anderson
Rick Shaddock
Cost  $1000+ $799 $1495 $299 $298 average
Year began converting Goldmine to ACT! 2002 2014 2015 2004 1996
Converts to all versions of ACT! (1 to current)        
Converts contact names number

Converts addresses
Converts secondary Contacts & addresses        
Converts tertiary Contacts & addresses, either as new contacts or along with primary contact        
Converts primary phone numbers
Converts secondary phone numbers with labels        
Converts Activities (calls, meetings, to-do's)
Keeps Activities linked to contacts        
Converts History    
Converts Notes  
Converts Groups    
Convert Email addresses  
Converts Links to documents        
Converts Sales / Opportunities      
Converts email message contents to ACT! Email        
Converts email message contents to ACT! Notes or        
Converts email message contents to Outlook PST        
Filters in to Groups        
Converts User rights        
User Defined Fields have original labels        
Allows you to set Record Manager        
Makes sure all Unique Id's are filled properly  
Trims character fields        
Retain Record Creator, Date, and Time      
Retain Group Creator        
Fill in Group Descriptions        
DeDuplicate Groups        
Make Contacts Public or Private as in Goldmine        
Make Activities Public or Private as in Goldmine        
Import multiple Web Site URLs        
Fill in Country from Phone Area Code        
Mobile Phone and Pagers in correct fields  
Removes 1's and fix dashes in Phone numbers        
Phone Extensions in proper case        
Special handling for GM User List        
Color Activity by Priority Hi=Red, Med=Blue, Low=Black        
Check FName and LName for proper Lookup        
No special conversion software for you to learn    
Follow up support for installation included        
Database checked by a Certified ACT! Consultant, rather than just by yourself.      
Conversion created by a Goldmine Certified Professional        
Overnight Rush available      
No new software for you to learn
so you can focus on your business


Questions and Answers

How long Does It Take?

We can have your ACT! file to you by the next business day

How much does it cost?  

Usually the job costs about US$ 200-300. 
You can compute the fee from our Standard Price Chart

How do you send to ACTConvert the files to work on?

Go to
Select the file such as ""
Send to
Enter your email address at your company
Message is optional, such as a password if necessary
click Transfer

Which files do I need to send?

There are about 100 Goldmine files which are listed on this chart

How do you receive the converted ACT! Database?

We will send you an email with full instructions on how to download and install the finished ACT! database.

Can I see a sample of a Goldmine database converted into ACT!?

Please click here for a variety of sceenshots of past conversions

Do you have any references?

Please Click here (Please call us at 202-829-4444 for password).
We can send you a list upon request by email.

Before and After Screen Shots
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More Details

Hundreds of Satisfied Customers since 1996

From: "Michael Salles" <>
To:  "Rick Shaddock" <>
Date:  Thu, 21 Mar 2002 11:03:35 -0800
Subject: Goldmine to Act conversion

Hi Rick,

You exceeded my expectations with your conversion of our Goldmine data to ACT!  I was nervous as to how much of the history and notes from Goldmine would actually make it to ACT notes. I don't think you missed a single item.

In fact, I think you did a perfect job! The icing on the cake was the quick turn around and the very reasonable price!  I can't thank you enough.

Michael J. Salles
Integrated Advantage, Inc.
(5 5 9) 2 5 6 - 2 1 1 2

Data Conversions transplant the "brain" of your business, and the
"memory" of all your contacts and activities "embodied" in new software.
For the same cost of the tools, you can have an experienced database doctor do the operation.


Finally ends the One Way assimilation between Goldmine and ACT!

C I Corporation