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Back up your data nightly and automatically

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Washington DC
Web Site Hosting

Domains registered elsewhere?

Consolidate them
right here!

Manage all your domains in one friendly, affordable place. Transfer now and receive an automatic one-year extension!


Get a FREE Digital ID

over 200 web sites hosted

Web Site & Email Hosting, Domain Registration, Web Design

Hosting your web site for $3 per month including email.
including FREE domain name registration
in 2 or more separate locations for the price of 1

Backup locations are the only way to ensure 100% up time
for your web site  and email - never lose a hit or message.

State-of-the-art Spam Filtering for your Email - Web based or Outlook

including our state-of-the-art high security data center
OC192 - Fiber Optical Cable - the fastest commercially available
and GoDaddy, the world's largest internet service provider.

Content Management Systems
WordPress   Joomla   

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Domain Name Registration for about
$9.00 per year
10 Reasons to Register with CIREG

authorized GoDaddy Reseller since 1999

"It's go time"

Do you have a product or service that you want to promote?
Are you interested in low-cost, highly effective advertising?
CIC Internet Services can give you all of this
Web Site Hosting - for $5 per month for a full domain with IP.
or $3 per month with a shared IP
Please see our prices and features.
It is easy to Sign Up.

OC192 - Fastest Commercially Available

Web Site hosting at WarpSpeed.WS

How much does it cost?  What do the fees mean?

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The monthly Web Hosting fee is like the rent for a company's property or store.  This is for the site content.  It includes getting your mail there, FREE

per month

Including Free
Spam Filtered
Email hosting

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The yearly Domain Registration fee is like reserving your corporation's name with the  Trademark Office or City Hall, so no one else takes the same name.

per year

Included Free
with the Yearly
Hosting Plan


Secure Socket Layer Certificate enables "https" before your domain name, so customers know it is really your site.  Search engines like Google are giving preference to https


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The Web design fee is like hiring a decorator or construction worker to make your office look good.


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The Training fee is hiring an instructor to show you how to do the design work yourself.


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The Search Engine Consulting is like hiring an Advertising Specialist to get the word out. He can help make sure your site is at the top of the search engines, like Google and Yahoo. Tips


Your full featured Hosting Control Center

Hosting Manager

Web Hosting Plans

Email hosting is included

Our Web site hosting includes a Free email account for the domain
which can be checked via web browser or Microsoft Outlook
with state-of-the-art Spam Filtering

We can help you with web site design and consulting:

  • Advanced HTML
  • ASP (Active Server Pages) programming
  • Automated entry forms
  • CGI (Common Gateway Interface) scripting
  • Databases on the Web - Microsoft Visual InterDev
  • Dial-Up - nationwide also available
  • Domain Name Consulting - FREE
  • Email hosting, forwarding, and autoresponders
  • FlashStats - view the hit statistics for your site
  • Image Scanning
  • Java applets
  • Online payment methods
  • Server Colocation - we can host your server at our location
  • Translation of Web site into languages for global eCommerce
    Why? - "Today, only 51% of the language on the Internet is English."


We encourage our clients to learn how to maintain their own Web sites. No one knows your business, or what you want, like you do. We provide training in the Web design tools, to promote self-sufficiency. We are happy to help with more advanced features. But you can put your ideas on the web without having to wait for a web designer to do it for you. You will find that the basics are easy, and may also find it to be a lot of fun!


How to set up your own Web Site
Top Ten Design Tips
Top Ten Marketing Tips
Obtaining Your Own Web Page
Tips for Writing for the Internet
Domain and SubDomain Plans - pricing
About Your eMail - you can use it from anywhere
Uploading your files - using FTP
Internet in a Day - short but complete course
How to pick a Domain name 
How to Make a data entry Form - using Microsoft FrontPage
Links to useful sites - increase your connection speed & web site hits
Visibility Tips - getting listed on Search Engines
Intro to Java & Symantec Cafe
WebWare - trend of the future
How to make sure your site is up 24/7 - Auto Ping
Domain Registration - Free Parking
Don 't Let Your Domains Expire - beware of Domain Vultures
How to See Who is on your Web Server with TaskInfo - by Igor Arsenin
Service Level Agreement - our uptime guarantee
Registration - our recommended source for domain registration service

Helpful sites to check on the status of your web site.  - how does a web site look from different cities on Earth?  - how does a web site look from different cities on Earth? - see if a site has an SSL certificate  - where is a web site located?

Clients - examples of our Web page work

Security Devices For Sale

Clients - for our other services

C I Corporation

Niche Website Templates

What have domain names sold for?

Domain Price  $49.7 million $35.6 million $35 million $30.18 million $30 million $18 million $17 million $16 million 9.99 million


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"The human brain is the hardware of the cosmic computer which,
through proper programming, can compute anything." - Maharishi

The World is Our Family - Sankrit: Vasu Deva Bhatum Bhkum

"We are all wireless workstations on the Cosmic Computer