Internet Training

Web Page Design
A Life Skill for the New Millenium

We encourage our clients to learn how to maintain their own Web sites.  No one knows your business, or what you want, like you do.  We provide training in the Web design tools, to promote self-sufficiency.  We are happy to help with more advanced features. But you can put your ideas on the web without having to wait for a web designer to do it for you. You will find that the basics are easy, and may also find it to be a lot of fun!

We suggest keeping the web site simple enough for you to change the parts you need to change. Some web designers tell their clients they "absolutely need" to use advanced Java, PHP, or Cold Fusion, etc.  That makes the clients dependent upon them for even the smallest change. Is it worth the fancy letters or graphics to distance yourself from your web site?  No.

All you really need is NotePad (which comes with Microsoft Windows), CuteFTP (shareware) and your ISP connection. Software such as Microsoft Word, and FrontPage provide wizards and templates to make it easy for you to create professional quality web pages.

And keeping your site simple means keeping it fast!  What use is a complicated web site that takes minutes to download? Most viewers will just give up and go on to some other web site. Notice the pages of this web site are fairly simple. But they are fast. And we can change them whenever we want with basic tools available on any computer.

We can also show you how to register your own domain names.  When you have a creative new idea, make a web site about it.  You can reserve an easy to remember name for less than ten dollars a year.

For training, we can provide 1-on-1 tutorials, or training in a classroom setting.

See our course calendar:

Introduction to the Internet
Introduction to HTML
Introduction to Java

We believe that the ability to create a web site, to post your ideas to the world, is a basic life skill for the new millenium. It is becoming as essential as arithmetic, reading and writing itself. Never since the dawn of man have people had such a powerful medium to make their ideas widely known. You literally can reach the whole world. The ability to write HTML pages is as liberating today as the ability to write on rocks or papyrus was to early man.

If "the pen is mightier than the sword", then the keyboard and modem is a cruise missle. Learn to make your ideas and services known to the world!