Intro to HTML

The Introduction to HTML training class teaches you the skills, techniques, and strategies that you'll need to build and successfully promote your presence on the World Wide Web. Here's a look at the skills you'll learn in this course:

All students in the course receive a fully illustrated workbook, a copy of Laura Lemay's Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML in 21 Days, and handouts.

Course Outline

Prerequisites: It is recommended that all students have basic familiarity with the Internet, in addition to experience using Windows or Macintosh personal computers.

Student objectives:

9:00 Introduction

9:10 An Overview of HTML (discussion)

9:20 Text Layout in HTML (discussion)

10:15 Break

10:25 Exercise: Creating a Mock Resumé

11:05 Enhancing Layout with HTML Attributes

In this section, you will learn how to enhance your page by adding attributes to some of the HTML tags that you learned in the previous section.

11:25 Exercise: Enhancing the Appearance of Your Page

11:40 Inserting and Positioning Graphics (discussion and hands-on)

12:30 Lunch

1:30 Linking it all together (discussion)

1:55 Linking it all together (hands-on)

2:15 Enhancing Pages with Color (discussion)

2:35 Break

2:45 Exercise: Adding Color to Your Resumé (hands-on)

3:00 HTML Tables (discussion and hands-on)

4:00 Conclusion