Making sure your site is up 24/7

We use the AutoPing program by to make sure your site is up.

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Note: "" is listed here for demo purposes and not one of our domains.

This allows us to automate the PING command, which checks to see if a site is available.

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It also will page us with the name of the site, so a technician can quickly solve any issues.  So far, our system has never failed.  However, some major carriers have had down time, beyond our control.  We now have triple redundancy with 3 separate major carriers.
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The PING command can be typed from DOS.
For example, go to Start, then Run, COMMAND, PING CICORP.COM

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Note that the Ping or AutoPing commands do not increase the Hit Counter, so they do not cause your web site count to be inflated.

The PING technique is used by other services, including: