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How to Pick a Domain Name

Make a list of potential domain names you would like, then try them out at this Domain Registration site, which will also give you many suggestions.

We generally suggest, in priority order:

  • .COM is what most people know, meaning a COMmercial or COMpany site.
  • .NET is the next most popular for web sites on the interNET.
  • .ORG is best for non-profit ORGanizations

The .COM is currently considered the most desirable domain "real estate", but .NET is the next most popular alternative.

First of all your domain name should make sense with your business.  But remember that many companies such as and have become quite successful in picking a strange, but unused domain name.  If people already know you by your standard business name, it is best to find something like that.

The important thing is that it is easy to remember, and to speak.  Dashes or underscores are easy to read, but harder to remember or say.  So using one word is best.  You will probably need to tell someone your domain name, or relay it by telephone.  You won't want to have to say something like Cosmic Dash when you can say all one word.  

It should be as short as possible, but the shorter ones go quickly.  Prices are so low now, that it is a minimum investment to reserve your domain name.  It used to cost $75 to register a domain, and it was required to register for two years, to start.  But now you can register for one year, for only $10

If you find a domain name you really want, and someone has it, you can email them with an offer.  Find out the email address of the Administrative Contact, and send them an email.  Note the Create Date of the domain.  If they haven't done anything with the site for a long time, as you can't find any actual pages put up, they may be open to selling it.  Don't sound too anxious, or they may put the price at $1 million.  Maybe you can agree to put a link to their site in exchange for a popular or similar site name that you have already reserved.  Having the .NET for a .COM gives you more negotiating power.

If they still won't sell it, and they aren't using it, offer to Lease the domain.  That way the owner can keep ultimate control over the domain, but can still keep looking for a buyer.  But it is more risky.  You shouldn't invest too much in it.  It is like renting a house.  Use the site to direct the users over to another site that you own absolutely.  Put a notice directing them to the new site, and asking viewers to update their bookmark.  With time, people will go to the new site, and you won't need the old one.  If you are going to invest a lot in advertising a site you are leasing, you may be making it possible for the owner to jack up the price, knowing you need the site.  So you must make the price per year very specific, and that the price cannot go up later, or can only go up, say 5% per year.  Just pray that no other buyers come along.  If a potential buyer sees you already have content on the site, they may not bother making an offer.

Here are some articles on the relative value of the .COM and .NET


But there are still plenty of possibilities for domain names, and with creativity and luck, you can find the perfect one you will feel comfortable with.

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