Internet In A Day!

How to set up your web site quickly

The Curriculum

Welcome to a new concept in Internet training which offers busy people an intensive guide to the Internet and what it has to offer! In only five hours (plus a break for lunch) students will become equipped with the tools they need to further explore the Internet on their own.

Our course begins with an introduction to the Internet. We quickly cover its history, its applications for academic purposes, the development of multi-user operating systems and the growth of ISP's (Internet Service Providers). After a refreshing coffee break, we turn the class to e-mail usage through Qualcomm's Eudora, where students learn how to send mail, read mail, and configure nicknames / mailboxes / signature files.

In the late morning, we find ourselves on the World Wide Web, exploring the magic of the Electronic Frontier through Netscape. We will cruise the paths mapped out by such ventures as the Virtual Tourist to "visit" lands near and far. We'll even take a peek at what governments, business, universities and individuals are doing with their Web sites around the globe! Following lunch (at the students' convenience) we will access gopher, archie and FTP sites to demonstrate how easy it is to find the information you require to maximize time usage on the Net!

Finally Creating Your Own Web Page. Nearly everyone uses "HTML" and "Web Pages" to tell the world about themselves or their wares. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone looking at your own Web Page? Believe it or not, creating one is easier than you may think! We cover an introduction to Web page design theory, bolding, italicising, making links and positioning images. You may then place your page free of charge on our server for two months and have your own Web presence.

The Instructors

Rick Shaddock, Nick Baran, Gerard Perry and Greg Hoose share training responsibilities for Communications International. They are experts in Internet training and consulting. They will help you with a Guide to High-Impact, High-Performance World Wide Web Authoring, which has already sparked the interest of Web authors world wide.

The Location

Internet In A Day! is taught at your site or in our P C Lab in Arlington, Virginia near Washington DC. Take advantage of a high-speed T1 connection to the Internet, meet the folks behind the services and chat with fellow users!

The Price

Why not take the opportunity to set up some cool pages for Halowe'en!. Internet In A Day! is only $145 (plus G.S.T.). Register before September 30th and save $20 (total cost is $125 plus G.S.T.). Click here to register now!

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