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We can convert data from any major contact manager
or in-house system in to

We can also convert the data between the web-based format and any local database format.

Then you can clean up, sort, search, modify, and analyze your data. You can convert it to other formatsor upload back to

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Data Conversion Matrix
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The basic idea among contact management systems is the same.  But the tables used vary quite a bit.  For example, in Salesforce, the Email address is in the same table as the Contact's name and address. But in Goldmine, the Email addresses are in a different table, along with Supplemental addresses. In Salesforce, the Notes are in a different table, while in Goldmine, they are in the same table as the Contact's name. We take care of such variations beforehand, so import is possible, and easy.

We Can Convert From the following CRM Systems, and more

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SalesForce Tables to Convert

From Access To SalesForce
From Act To SalesForce
From MSCRM To SalesForce
From FileMaker To SalesForce
From Goldmine To SalesForce
From GroupWise To SalesForce
From Notes To SalesForce
From Maximizer To SalesForce
From Outlook To SalesForce
From SalesLogix To SalesForce
From Shark To SalesForce
From TeleMagic To SalesForce

  • Accounts
  • Account_partners
  • Cases
  • Comments
  • Contacts
  • Currency
  • Events
  • Leads
  • Notes
  • Opportunities
  • Opp_contact_roles
  • Opp_competitors
  • Opp_history
  • Solutions
  • Tasks
  • Users

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Salesforce ApEx DataLoader

In previous versions, the Apex Data Loader has been known as the "AppExchange Data Loader" and the "Sforce Data Loader."

Activating the Data Loader is necessary to convert History and Notes.
So tell  your SalesForce Rep you will need it activated for at least a few days.
Data Loader requires at least the Professional version of SalesForce.


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What to convert from?

We can convert to all the major contact managers, plus in house systems.

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