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Converting to and from MultiActive's Maximizer
In the UK, it is spelled Maximiser

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We specialize in getting all the details from one database format into another. 

So you don't have to re-enter your database, to switch to Maximizer.

We have years of experience doing projects with Maximizer

Supporting the products of
MultiActive.com Maximizer.com

Standard Fee Chart

Solution: We can convert your data to Maximizer from

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We can convert all your major details

  • Company names, addresses, phones, fax, web sites

  • Contact names, addresses, phones, fax, email

  • User defined fields

  • Notes

  • Appointments

  • Hotlist Tasks

  • Orders


Work in progress


If you have several Maximizer databases you can combine them in to one database, to save on costs

Order form

Help on Sending and Receiving your database

How To Restore from Maximizer .SAV Files

Note: We convert to the regular version, not the SQL version.
You will need to upload the regular to SQL,
which is an easy process in your own network environment.

Maximizer Data Fix Service


Rick Shaddock


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