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We can help you clean up, fix, and refine your Maximizer database..

Example: Fine tuning your database after import from other contact managers

After doing an ACT! or Goldmine import, you notice that the dates all have the date that the import process was done, not the original date of the Note.  We can fix this to restore the original dates.  The first two lines of the Notes are visible at a glance, but unimportant data may be displaying there.  We can rearrange the Note so that the top 2 lines display the summary of the note.  For example:

Fine tuning your database: Before

You can only see "SRECTYPE:"
and the Date is the date of import (April 28, 2008),
all done by the user named "MASTER"
You have to double click on them to see the real details.

Fine tuning your database: After

Now you can see the the first lines of text immediately,
true date of the Note,
done by the user ROBERT.
You do not have to double click to see these details.

Help on Sending and Receiving your database for fixing



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