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Turn your contacts into a Goldmine!

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We help organize data into a form where it can best be acted upon, to fulfill your goals.  One of the best tools for using knowledge about your contacts to carry out more effective action is GoldMine.  We have developed the best conversion procedures to Goldmine - better than ACT Out's, and better than Goldmine's itself.  Patents pending.

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ACT! to GoldMine

Any version of ACT! into GoldMine
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Maximizer to GoldMine

The Maximum Migration to GoldMine
nosoftware_49x49.gif (1225 bytes) to GoldMine

Own your data from the Web in GoldMine
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SharkWare to GoldMine

Swim out of the Jaws into GoldMine
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Outlook to GoldMine

from Microsoft Outlook to Goldmine

MS CRM to Goldmine

from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Goldmine
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Lotus Notes to GoldMine

Lotus Notes
HubSpot HubSpot
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Novell GroupWise  to GoldMine

Novell GroupWise
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FileMaker to GoldMine

Windows or Mac 
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TeleMagic to GoldMine

TeleMagic is now called Sage CRM
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Access to GoldMine

Others under development

Broker's Ally, SalesNet, Janna Contact, and other "impossible" conversions

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Help on Sending and Receiving your database

About Our Goldmine Conversion Services

Why are we better than the competition

Function FrontRange Solutions ACT! Out
CRM Switch
REM Software Solutions
Rick Shaddock
Cost $1000+ $299 f $299 $298
Year began converting  ACT! to Goldmine 2002 2002 2004 1996
Converts contact names number

Converts addresses
Converts secondary Contacts & addresses    
Converts tertiary Contacts & addresses, either as new contacts or along with primary contact      
Converts primary phone numbers
Converts secondary phone numbers with labels      

All your data is kept strictly confidential, and for your protection and convenience, we have a Non-Disclosure Agreement

Let us help help turn your data into action! How To - Upload your files for us to convert

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To send your file for data conversion:

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We translate your database on fast computers

Goldmine Data Fix Service

Rick Shaddock
C I Corporation

GoldMine is a registered trademark of FrontRange Solutions