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Microsoft Office User  Consulting and Training

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windows.jpg (993 bytes) Windows Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced  
wpe14.jpg (1194 bytes) File Management Introduction  
wpe12.jpg (1139 bytes) Access Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced  
MSCRM CRM Introduction  
DST Desktop Support Technician certification coaching  
wpe11.jpg (1183 bytes) Excel Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced, Excel Macros  
outlook.jpg (1020 bytes) Outlook Introduction, Intermediate  
BCM Business Contact Manager  
wpe10.jpg (1192 bytes) PowerPoint Introduction  
wpeF.jpg (1176 bytes) Word Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced  
fox.jpg (1122 bytes) Visual FoxPro Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced  
Visual Basic Introduction  
FrontPage Introduction  
wpe1.jpg (1219 bytes) Publisher Introduction  
wpe7.jpg (1212 bytes) SQL Microsoft SQL Server & Enterprise Manager  
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Explorer Introduction  
project.jpg (864 bytes) Project Introduction  

We have Microsoft Certified personnel available to assist you with your daily computer hardware, system, applications, network design, administration and troubleshooting needs, as well as with planning for the immediate and long-term computing needs of your business.

Our Microsoft Certified Professionals, Trainers, and Systems Engineers offer expertise in the following areas:

We offer:

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- Webex allows us to log in to your computer desktop, to help you right now, give a demonstration, or provide hands-on instruction - through the latest remote meeting technology - using your web browser!

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