Outline and overview of Windows 2000 courses


Beginners Course

Intermediate Course

Advanced Course

We offer the Windows 2000 Curriculum in three courses:

1.        In the Beginners Course students will learn to use the different Windows 2000 Technologies

2.        In the Intermediate Course, students will learn how to configure all those technologies

3.        In the Advanced Course students will learn how to troubleshoot all these technologies


Students can now learn one complete skill-set without having to take all of the Windows 2000 Classes.

Our classes progress more rapidly than typical Windows 2000 classes because we have categorized the
various levels of competence so that everyone in the classroom begins with a comparable level of knowledge and skills.


This course was developed and is copyrighted to Pierre-Alex Guanel,

CEO, Senior Instructor, and Consultant at Expert Training Systems.

Copyright 2001, Pierre-Alex Guanel, MCSE, MCT


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