Introduction to Microsoft FrontPage

Lesson 1 - Building a New Web Site

  • Launch Microsoft FrontPage
  • Construct a new FrontPage web
  • Apply a FrontPage theme
  • Design, edit and save pages
  • Insert images
  • Create hyperlinks from text
  • Preview and save your work

wpe1.jpg (10155 bytes)

Lesson 2 - Web Page Design

  • Open a FrontPage Web
  • Add a new page
  • Add text and images
  • Save changes made to a page
  • Create an e-mail hyperlink
  • Create an image map
  • Place formatted text over images
  • Create and format a table and a numbered list
  • Add a marquee
  • Add a form

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Lessson 3 - Publishing Your FrontPage Web

  • Organize your files and folders
  • Check spelling on all pages
  • Find and replace text on all pages
  • Verify hyperlinks
  • View and edit the task list
  • Publishing a FrontPage web

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