Business Contact Manager
by Microsoft

Connect with customers and better manage your small business with Outlook with Business Contact Manager. You can easily manage contacts, sales opportunities, and accounts—all in one place—so that you can spend more time with customers.

●   Add Contact Management Functionality to Outlook
Manage Business Contact Information
Track Sales Opportunities
Spend More Time with Customers
Connect with Customers

Outlook with Business Contact Manager is an Outlook add-on designed to help entrepreneurs, sales people, and employees in small businesses better manage their business contacts and sales opportunities in a single-user contact management solution.

You can benefit from Outlook with Business Contact Manager without a steep learning curve because it is based on Microsoft Outlook, the program that many small businesses already use.


Selecting the BCM Database

Converting to BCM

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Before in ACT

After in Outlook with BCM

After in Outlook with BCM

After in Outlook with BCM

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