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About Microsoft Certified Partners

Why work with a Microsoft Certified Partner?

Microsoft® Certified Partners are independent companies that can provide you with the highest levels of technical expertise, strategic thinking, and hands-on skills. Microsoft Certified Partners encompass a broad range of expertise and vendor affiliations and their real world perspective can help you prioritize and effectively deliver your technology solutions.

  • Microsoft Certified Partners have demonstrated expertise. Each Microsoft Certified Partner must employ a minimum number of Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) who have a demonstrated level of technical expertise and the proven ability to deliver solutions featuring Microsoft products. MCPs must pass certification exams developed by Microsoft.(Microsoft developed this certification program to ensure that Microsoft Certified Partners can deliver solutions using Microsoft tools and platforms.) Microsoft Certified Partners also receive extensive training and support for technical readiness. Microsoft Certified Partners have access to many of the same resources and tools as Microsoft Systems Engineers.

  • Microsoft Certified Partners have a broad-range of experience. Microsoft Certified Partners typically offer several areas of technical expertise including infrastructure, networking, office automation, e-commerce, collaboration, business intelligence, and other leading edge disciplines. Microsoft Certified Partner services include consulting, training, implementation, maintenance/support, and hosting services.Many Microsoft Certified Partners also provide application software for vertical or horizontal solutions. Whether you are looking to upgrade a single product such as Microsoft Exchange Server or re-engineer your company for e-commerce, you can find qualified solution providers in the Microsoft Certified Partner program.

  • Microsoft Certified Partners have direct support from Microsoft. Microsoft Certified Partners have access to 24 x 7 x 365 support for your project whenever they need additional support from Microsoft.

  • Microsoft Certified Partners offer a real world perspective to your technology strategies. Microsoft Certified Partners have been in the business, on average, for more than 5 years. They bring experience to your projects gained through conducting similar projects over many years of service.

  • Microsoft Certified Partners are local. With more than 26,000 Microsoft Certified Partner organizations worldwide, there’s a technical expert near you. We’ll help you locate one right now!

You can contact a Microsoft Certified Partner from the list we provide or you can tell us about your project and we’ll forward it to Microsoft Certified Partners who, already armed with a basic understanding of your needs, will contact you.

Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs)
To qualify for the Microsoft Certified Partner program, organizations must have at least two dedicated, full-time employees who are current MCPs. The only way to become Microsoft-certified is to pass a series of rigorous exams required for certification in eight different areas:

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers design, install, support, and troubleshoot information systems. MCSEs are network gurus, support technicians, and operating system experts.

Microsoft Certified Database Administrators implement and administer Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Microsoft Certified Solution Developers use development tools and platforms to create business solutions.

Microsoft Certified Professionals are expert in at least one Microsoft operating system, development tool, or desktop application.

Microsoft Certified Professionals with a specialty in site building plan, build, maintain, and manage Web sites using Microsoft technologies and products.

Microsoft Certified Professionals with a specialty in Internet technology install and configure server products, manage server resources, plan security, and perform other Internet-related duties.

Microsoft Certified Trainers teach others about Microsoft products using Microsoft official curriculum at Microsoft authorized technical education centers.

More about the Microsoft Certified Professionals Program

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