Nancy Landreville


Nancy Landreville - Over 20 years in the computer systems field. Her expertise includes Windows 95/NT; Office 95 and Office 97; plus Banyan Vines networking experience.

Nancy is knowledgeable in ACT!, Paradox and dBase systems. She teaches Microsoft Project, Lotus, Quattro Pro, Basic PC Hardware, Wordperfect, Lotus Smart Suite, and Systems Analysis and Design. She also teaches approximately 30 other computer application courses. She has extensive experience with the Government, Military, and Corporate businesses. She has received outstanding evaluations and numerous awards throughout the years.

Nancy also serves in the US Army Reserves as a legal assistant, and computer consultant. She is the main contact point for CICorporation for military contracts. Nancy has an amazing range of capabilities, from being a cum laude student to Black Belt in Karate.

She is a volunteer for many fine causes, such as the Red Cross. She is the Education Chair of the Capital PC Users Group (CPGUG), and teaches most of their computer classes.
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Nancy is very proficient in Microsoft Access and Visual Basic, and she puts her skills to use in CIC association management contracts. She recently completed consulting and training for the staff of U.S. Army bases in Germany.