ACT! and CIC win CRM Project

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  Amenian Development Agency (ADA)

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Tigran S. Seiranian
Consul of The Embassy

2225 R Street, N.W.
Washington D.C. 20008-4028, USA
(202) 319-1976 , fax (202) 319-2982


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act.jpg (1444 bytes)ACT! was selected as the best CRM solution by the ADA and MIGA
to help them promote Armenia to foreign investors and employers.
Crystal Reports helps provide the data in a clear format.

They needed a reliable system, installed right the first time, with the staff trained properly,
as there would be no funds or opportunity to fly back to Armenia.  They chose CICorporation.

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World Bank
Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
International Development Association
Japanese Grant TF 050512

Flight: 5920 miles or 9527 kilometers

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U.S.-Armenia Task Force on Economic Reform

Photos from the mission wpe4.jpg (822 bytes) Armenia National Anthem

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CRM training for Armenian Development Agency
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Featuring ACT!
  (PowerPoint 2 megs) using Dell laptop
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Sponsored by the World Bank / MIGA / IDA
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Training the Database Administrator
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Armenian officials lunch with consultants
from Austria, US, and the UK
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Republic (formerly Lenin) Square in Yerevan
Ministry of Finance in the background
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Armenian Government building and guard
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Armenian Development Agency HQ

Republic of Armenia Executive Building

Ministry of Finance and Economy

By Yerevan Steps with rented Mercedes Benz

Ministry of Justice Headquarters

Excellent Evaluations Results from Course participants

Proposal Letter

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500 N Street, SW
Washington, DC

Dear Mr. Harutyunyan:

Thank you for the opportunity to bid on this interesting project.  Here for your review is our:

Please feel free to call or email me any time if we can be of assistance.

Rick Shaddock

Award Letter

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Rick beats Best Software's "best"
including spotlight ACC's Bevan, Ed & Brian

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Armenian Embassy

Information about Armenia

Armenia - American alliance against terrorism

World Bank Information about Armenia (PDF)

American Embassy in Armenia

Congress Hotel, Yerevan

Click for National Anthem in MP3 format  wpe4.jpg (822 bytes)
(3.3 megabytes, better quality)

Adagio Invención from "Gayane" ballet by Armenian composer Aram Khachaturian
C I Corporation
International Clients and Projects

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