ACT! Training
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$150 per person for a class of 6 students
or $60 per hour on your desktop
Competitive Course Fees

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You can take the Metro or drive (free parking) to

ACT! Training classroom
3300 Fairfax Drive, Arlington VA

 Washington DC's top ACT! trainer since 1992

We train the Ambassador and Consul Officers
of the Embassy of Honduras in ACT!

Knowledge is the basis of ACTion

Our training services are the foremost in the Washington area. In addition to being able to bring to the classroom our vast knowledge of the sales business, we bring to each class an instructor with the experience of years as an ACT! Certified Consultant. We specialize in on-site, hands-on training. We have found that people learn best when they are in their own environment using their own equipment. Or we can train up to 18 people in one of our computer training classrooms.

We offer a number of ACT! training courses.  You may also request a custom class in which we discuss topics of special importance to your organization.   We post consistent, fair, and competitive prices.  

You can register online.

ACT! Courses and Outlines

 All Courses, including the latest ACT! for

ACT! 7 - 16 Courses for 2014 - What's New?

ACT! 6.0 Courses

ACT! 5.0 / 2000 Courses

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    "Customizations, Creating Add-Ons, Clean-up, and Converting Clients from the Competition"

ACT! for Administrators

ACT! 4.0 Courses

ACT! 3.0x Courses

ACT! 2.0x Courses

ACT! for the Macintosh Courses

ACT! for the road

On the surface, the business challenges you face today seem daunting. If managed properly they simply present new opportunities. specializes in customized training to show you just how to make these opportunities work for you.

BY Remote PC- From Anywhere
You purchase blocks of time by the hour. Schedule a time for your training then we log onto your computer and through a toll-free telephone number we can personalize your learning experience. This is the most effective way to learn, as only your specific questions are addressed. Best of all, we only bill you for actual time used. Unused minutes can be applied to a future session.

For groups of six or more people, it may be easier and more economical to have us conduct customized training on-site. Contact us for a quote for your group.

You're sitting in front of the computer, working on ACT!  and you have forgotten how to .? A quick toll free phone call and we'll help you solve the problem.


Calendar of other courses
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Certificate of Training

Each graduate receives a Certificate
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Training can be done at your facility
or any of our convenient

For 1-8 persons: 3300 North Fairfax Drive, Arlington VA 22201

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For up to 10 students: 11820 Parklawn Drive, Rockville, MD 20852
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Student Exercise Files

About our special ACT DEMO file for Classes

ACT for DOS student files
ACT 1.0 Windows Demo files
ACT 1.1 Demo files
ACT 2.0 Demo files
ACT 3.0 Demo files
ACT 4.0 Demo files
ACT 2000 Demo files
ACT Demo files - most recent

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