act_icon.gif (1206 bytes) Advanced ACT! For Administrators


  1. Installing ACT! Databases for Multiple Users & Sharing Information
    1. Installation process and procedures

                                                               i.      Creating Databases and Managing Accounts in a Multi-User Environment

1.      The New Command

2.      QuickStart Wizard

3.      Adding Users

                                                             ii.      Using ACT! with a Shared Database

                                                            iii.      Troubleshooting Shared Database Issues

1.      General

2.      Specific Shared-Database Performance Issues

a.       Poor Performance on a Network

b.      Corrupted Indexes

c.       Windows 95ís Virtual Redirector

d.      Invalid Page Fault in Module Unknown

    1. Sharing Information

                                                               i.      Before Sharing Information

                                                             ii.      Methods of Information Sharing

1.      How to Share Documents and Attachments on a Network Using the Universal Naming Convention (UNC)

                                                            iii.      Sharing Information on Network using UNC

                                                           iv.      Sharing Toolbars and Menus

1.      Copying Database Formatting

                                                             v.      Sharing Layouts Among Users

                                                           vi.      Student Activity


2.      Importing and Exporting Data/Sharing Information

a.      Importing & Exporting within ACT!

                                                               i.      General Rules

                                                             ii.      Contact and Group Records

1.      Importing Contacts into Specific Groups

                                                            iii.      Specifying Merge Options

1.      Potential Problems

                                                           iv.      Duplicate Checking Options and Problems

    1. Importing & Exporting from Other Programs

                                                               i.      General Rules

                                                             ii.      Importing Specific Information

1.      Mapping

a.       Creating and Saving Maps

b.      Predefined Maps†††††††††††

2.      Using the Import Option to Separate/Combine Specific Information

                                                            iii.      Formats

1.      Dbase

2.      Delimited

3.      Excel

4.      Outlook

5.      Macintosh/Dos

    1. Troubleshooting Import and Export Issues

                                                               i.      After Importing, Index Files are Extremely Large

                                                             ii.      The Correct Number of Contacts arenít Received

                                                            iii.      Corrupt Field Information

                                                           iv.      Insufficient Memory Errors

                                                             v.      Newly Added Fields Donít Show up in Contact Map

                                                           vi.      Look-Ups Donít Work


  1. Sales/Opportunities
    1. Features
    2. New Sales Opportunities

                                                               i.      General

1.      Product Information

2.      Sale Information

3.      Sales Stages

4.      Sales Opportunity With

5.      Associating with Groups

                                                             ii.      Additional Information

                                                            iii.      Completing the Sale

1.      Result

2.      Reason

3.      Product Information

4.      Sale Information

5.      Sales for

    1. Dale Carnegie Sales Development Cycle

                                                               i.      The Sales Stage field

                                                             ii.      Modifying the Sales Stages

                                                            iii.      View and Print Sales Data

1.      Sales Funnel

2.      Sales Graph

3.      Sales Reports

    1. Issues & Solutions

                                                               i.      Synchronization Issues

                                                             ii.      Design Considerations


  1. Troubleshooting Problems with ACT!
    1. General System Maintenance

                                                               i.      Scandisk

                                                             ii.      Temporary File Cleanup

                                                            iii.      Files=

                                                           iv.      Disk Defragmentation

                                                             v.      Disk Space

                                                           vi.      Screen Savers

                                                          vii.      Hibernation

                                                        viii.      Backup

b.      Software Conflict Problems

                                                               i.      Software


2.      CP95.EXE

3.      Cheyenne AntiVirus

4.      PC Connection Agent

5.      AfterDark Screen Saver

6.      Real Tray by Real Player

7.      Billminder by Intuit Quicken

8.      Norton Antivirus

ii.††††††††††† Software Conflict Resolution

1.      Startup Folder

2.      WIN.INI

3.      Registry

c.      Removing & Reinstalling ACT!

                                                               i.      Uninstalling ACT!

                                                             ii.      Removing Leftover Files

                                                            iii.      Reinstalling ACT!

d.      Hardware Problems

e.      Troubleshooting Video Issues

                                                               i.      Monitor Type

                                                             ii.      Safe Mode

                                                            iii.      Graphics Acceleration

                                                           iv.      VGA Mode

                                                             v.      Installing/Updating Video Drivers

f.        Resolving Printer Driver Issues

                                                               i.      Testing with Standard Printer Driver

                                                             ii.      Updating Printer Driver

g.      ACT! Specific Problems

                                                               i.      ACT! Hangs when Program Starts

                                                             ii.      ACT! Hangs upon Exit

                                                            iii.      ACT! Toolbar Disappears

                                                           iv.      "Smart Heap library Error" followed by "Out of Memory, An attempt was made to access past its end."

h.      Performance Problems


5.      ACT! Report Administration

a.      Understanding ACT! Reports

b.      Creating a Report

c.      Troubleshooting Reports

                                                               i.      Report, Label, and Envelope lists are empty when choosing File, Print

                                                             ii.      How to Increase Performance of Notes/History and Task List Reports in ACT!

                                                            iii.      Data Fields Blacked Out when Printing Reports, Envelopes, or Labels

                                                           iv.      The Number of Contacts Value is Incorrect on Reports

    1. Customizing ACT! Reports

                                                               i.      Closing Up the Space Between Fields and Text Boxes on a Report, Envelope, or Label Template

                                                             ii.      Customized Notes/History and Task List Reports Saved with a New Name No Longer Work

                                                            iii.      Sorting Contacts in an ACT! Report

                                                           iv.      Report Output is Different when Selecting the Same User from Different Tabs

e.††††††††††† Student Activities


  1. ACT! Email Administration
    1. Getting Ready To Configure Your Email Account
    2. Configuring Your Windows Email Profile
    3. Configuring Your Outlook  Email Settings

                                                               i.      Basics

                                                             ii.      Step-by-Step

    1. Specifying Your Email Client in ACT
    2. Internet Email Using the SMTP/POP3 Client in ACT

                                                               i.      Basics

                                                             ii.      Step-by-Step

1.      Setting Up Internet Mail

2.      Sending and Receiving Mail Messages

    1. Specifying Your Email Client in ACT

                                                               i.      Basics

                                                             ii.      Specific Set-up Options

1.      E-Mail System

2.      Signature Text

3.      Create History when Sent

4.      Return Receipt

5.      Attach to Contact

6.      Using Type-ahead for Entering Recipients

7.      Confirm when Deleting Messages

8.      When Connected, Notify me of New Mail

9.      Purge Folder

    1. Entering a contactís email address
    2. Entering Multiple Email Addresses
    3. Writing and Sending a Message to a Single Contact or Group
    4. Attaching contacts to an e-mail message
    5. Troubleshooting ACT! Email Issues


  1. Synchronization
    1. Planning Data Synchronization
    2. Synchronization Methods

                                                               i.      Database to Database

                                                             ii.      Synchronization over a Network

1.      E-mail Synchronization

2.      Shared-Folder Synchronization

3.      Modem-to-Modem Synchronization

    1. Before Synchronizing

                                                               i.      Setting Up Users

                                                             ii.      Cleaning Up Duplicate Records

                                                            iii.      Setting Up Synchronization Groups

                                                           iv.      Cleaning Up the Database

                                                             v.      Creating Field Definitions/Field Drop-downs/Field Defaults

    1. Setting Up Synchronization

                                                               i.      Creating and Distributing Each Userís Database

                                                             ii.      Understanding Collection Groups

    1. Synchronizing Data
    2. Miscellaneous Synchronization Information
    3. Problems During Synchronization

                                                               i.      Problems Applying Updates

                                                             ii.      Problems Sending Updates

                                                            iii.      Synchronization by Users with Standard Access Rights

    1. Troubleshooting Synchronization Reports
    2. Understanding Synchronization Reports


  1. Database Structure and Repair
    1. Database Files

                                                               i.      The copyrighted files that are installed with ACT!

                                                             ii.      The list of files and directories that are installed with a new 95/98 installation.

                                                            iii.      ACT!  new file extensions

                                                           iv.      ACT!  initial file sizes

                                                             v.      File Structure of the DBF file (has it changed?)

                                                           vi.      DBF field characteristics and attributes

                                                          vii.      GDB field characteristics and attributes

                                                        viii.      Items to note in the data structure

    1. ACT! Data Diagnostic Tool

                                                               i.      New Interface

                                                             ii.      New Maintenance Feature

                                                            iii.      New Report

    1. Data Recovery Services