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Converting to and from Microsoft Outlook

We specialize in getting ALL the details from one database format into another. 

So you don't have to re-enter any data

From: Outlook to Other Systems

To: Outlook
including contact management enhancement programs, such as
Business Contact Manager (BCM - Microsoft discontinued) or Prophet by Avidian

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From Goldmine to Outlook outlook.jpg (1020 bytes)

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From Sharkware to Outlook outlook.jpg (1020 bytes)

From Exchange to Outlook outlook.jpg (1020 bytes)

and From other software to Outlook outlook.jpg (1020 bytes)

including Contacts, Calendar Activities, History, Notes, Emails
User Defined Field Names, complete cents, and more

Before and After Conversion Screen Shots

We have years of experience doing projects with
Microsoft Outlook

Supporting the products of

Custom Outlook Form Design

Standard Fee Chart - how much it costs

Order Data Upload Form - how to send the data

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Help on Sending and Receiving your Outlook database

NonDisclosure Agreement - for your protection

Converting from and to

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Conversions is our business.



We convert all the details, including Activity Priority