Data and Document Conversions
to Microsoft Products

You converted from Lotus 1-2-3 to Excel.  You converted from WordPerfect to Word.  It looks like sooner or later you'll be converting all your software to Microsoft products.  We can help with the inevitable.



Data conversion

We can help you convert from

msoffice.jpg (4493 bytes) Microsoft Office Lotus SmartSuite, Novel GroupWise,  Corel Office
windows.jpg (993 bytes) Windows Macintosh, Unix, Novell, OS2 Operating Systems
wpe14.jpg (1194 bytes) File Management Folders and network structure from Mac, Unix, Novell
wpe12.jpg (1139 bytes) Access dBase, Approach, Paradox, FoxPro
MSCRM CRM ACT!, Goldmine, GroupWise, Maximizer, Salesforce, SharkWare
wpe11.jpg (1183 bytes) Excel Lotus 1-2-3, Quattro, MultiPlan, Symphony
outlook.jpg (1020 bytes) Outlook GroupWise
BCM Business Contact Manager  
Exchange Miicrosoft Exchange email system
wpe10.jpg (1192 bytes) PowerPoint Harvard Graphics
wpeF.jpg (1176 bytes) Word WordPerfect, WordStar, MultiMate, DisplayWrite, VolksWriter
fox.jpg (1122 bytes) Visual FoxPro dBase
Visual Basic COBOL, Fortran, Pascal
FrontPage Dreamweaver
wpe1.jpg (1219 bytes) Publisher PageMaker
wpe7.jpg (1212 bytes) SQL Any SQL or ODBC compliant database
wpe10.jpg (1255 bytes)
Explorer Netscape
project.jpg (864 bytes) Project Symantec TimeLine, Prima Vera


Bill Gates
Microsoft Corporation

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