act_icon.gif (1206 bytes)ACT!  and FoxPro based
"Ambassador's Consulate Tracking"

Consulate Integration System

We have the customized the ACT!
Database design, Screen Layouts,
and Reports to easily handle:

  • Passports

  • Authorizations

  • Authentication Forms

  • Power of Attorney Forms

  • Certifications

  • Declarations

  • Immigration Forms

  • Forms for Import of Pets and Plants

  • Employment Permits

  • Student Visas

  • Business Visas

  • Work Authorization

  • Consulate Intercommunications

"The Database for Diplomats"

* ACT! is easy to learn and use
without a computer science degree
* Portable and PDA compatible
- for embassy staff on the go
* Synchronizes between consulates
and the home country
* Automatic meeting reminders
* Customizable to any language

ACT! Consultant Rick Shaddock
and His Excellency
Mario Miguel Canahuati
The Ambassador of the
Republic of Honduras
to the United States of America

ACT! helps builds relationships, and the most important relationships
for world peace and prosperity are those between countries.



Costa Rica

El Salvador



United Kingdom

User friendly, custom entry screens for each form

Including photos using the ACT! AddOn from www.PhotoAct.Net


This screen comes up for the printing of Receipts, as with sales/opportunities

The data is stored in the SDB table.

Menus in the Embassy staff's native language, for example Spanish

You can view reports of the above, to track revenue and expenses

Track revenue with complex custom reports that the regular program cannot do
using our ACT! Add On Reporter or Crystal Reports

Documents which can be printed with the CI System

Authorization of Passport
Authorization of Passport - Mother
Authorization of Passport - Father
Authorization of Exit
Authorization of Exit - Mother
Authorization of Exit - Father
Authorization Embassy
Authorization Embassy - Mother
Authorization Embassy - Father
Authentication - Mother
Authentication - Father
Authentication Modification
Power of Attorney
Power of Attorney with Description
Certification of Birth
Certainty of Species Imported
Declaration of Ideology
Declaration of Respect to Laws
Faith of Life
Provisional Passport
Special Power
General Power
Registry of Marriage
Safe Passage
Request of Entrance as an Immigrant
Request of Passport
Death Certificate
Certificate of Divorce
Driver's License
Birth Certificate


Autorización de Pasaporte
Autorización de Pasaporte - Madre
Autorización de Pasaporte - Padre
Autorización de Salida
Autorización de Salida - Madre
Autorización de Salida - Padre
Autorización Embajada 
Autorización Embajada - Madre
Autorización Embajada - Padre
Autorización - Madre
Autorización - Padre
Auténtica Modificada
Carta Poder
Carta Poder con Descripción
Certificación de Nacimiento
Constancia de Especies
Declaración de Ideología
Declaración de Respeto a Leyes
Fe de Vida
Pasaporte Provisional
Poder Especial
Poder General
Registro de Matrimonio
Salvo Conducto
Solicitud de Ingreso como Immigrante
Solicitud de Pasaporte
Traducción de Acta de Defunción
Traducción de Certificado de Divorcio
Traducción de Licencia de Manejar
Traducción de Partida de Nacimiento

Synchronize between other Consulate Offices, Washington Embassy,
home country, and other Embassies around the globe.
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We can install the software almost anywhere with the help of
GoToMyPC and
Saving thousands in travel costs and days of time

ACT! Databases
Names, street, phone numbers, fax, web sites and email addresses

ACT! Congress Database
 House of Representatives and Senate

United States
C I Corporation also has provided ACT! consulting to
Senator Phil Gramm of Texas
Congressman Ben Gilman of New York
White House Office of Science and Technology
White House Committee on Rememberance
and more...

ACT! Embassy Database
Embassies and Ambassadors in Washington DC and New York

Instantly access every contact detail! ACT! keeps track of more than just names and numbers. It links your entire relationship history — meetings, commitments, calls, to-do items, proposals, e-mails, and more. !Tenga acceso inmediato a cada detalle de sus contactos! Act! hace mucho mas que solo administrar sus citas, contactos y telefonos.


Symantec Software Partner
Helping to secure organizations worldwide

Enterprise FireWall
Intrusion Detection
Network Security

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