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Oksana Shaddock

"The ease of reporting helps make  ACT! the best selling contact manager. 
We can give you the information you need from your database reports."

ACT!'s Report Writer - the built in report writer

ReportFox - Microsoft Visual Studio, FoxPro Report Writer

Customizable report writer that can be included in a Standalone Exe

Makes the "impossible reports" possible

Crystal Reports - The best selling report writer

Crosstab Sales Reports from ACT!



1. Fax or email a sketch or graphics of what you would like your report to look like
You can use our form at

2. I'll take it from there, and give you some suggestions

3. We will email you your finished ACT! .RPT files


For ACT! for the Web - we can customize the reports through HTML and FTP


Helpful ReportsComputer Translator at work

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Free ACT! Report Download Links

ACT! Reports for version 5.0 and 6.0 (Zip)
which default to Print Preview
instead of Print
in case you lost the ones which came with ACT!
here they are for your convenience:
ACT! version 5.0/2000 Reports
ACT! version 6.0 Reports

For your convenience, you can download these to your "\ACT\Report" folder


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