Plaid Brothers

Plaid Brothers Software Inc. was founded by Frank Peters in 1983.
SunGard Data Systems, Inc. acquired in 1998


“As the most widely used portfolio management software choice for retail brokers, Plaid Brothers faced a particular challenge. Our software was private-labeled or named with a different service name by every brokerage firm customer. When it came time to sell the company, very few people had heard of ‘Plaid.’ Our Board and I asked Lisa to develop a concrete plan to launch the new web-based version of our software and raise the overall profile of the company.
Starting with the basics, Lisa reviewed relationships with every client to assess their satisfaction level, and made recommendations on where and how relationships could be improved. Once we had enviable 100% reference-ability, Lisa had every client trained in media relations so that they could readily speak on our behalf. She then spearheaded a public relations campaign that led to placements in our major industry publications – including Securities Industry News and Wall Street & Technology – with a corresponding direct mail campaign that placed these articles and other Plaid marketing pieces she developed in front of current and potential customers, research analysts, and potential acquirers. Needless to say, we became famous in our corner of the world quickly, and with Lisa’s concurrent promotion of our new version of the software, our core value grew throughout the sale of the company. Within six months, we had bids for the company, and the final sale price to Sungard was 40% more than our original asking price had been for more than a year prior to Lisa’s involvement. Lisa helped us realize our dream.”
Frank Peters, Former President and CEO, Plaid Brothers Software

In 1983, Frank Peters founded Plaid Brothers Software, which developed portfolio management systems for Wall Street firms. He sold the company in 1998 to Sungard Data Systems, and has since dedicated himself to volunteer projects in the arts, both locally and in New York. Peters published his dance photography in Dreams of Grace, Images and Remembrances of LaGuardia High School in New York City. He is currently a member of the Dean’s Leadership Council in the ClaireTrevorSchool of the Arts at UC Irvine. Peters serves on the advisory board for TriTech Consulting SBDC, and is the chairman of the Tech Coast Angels. Prior to his involvement with TCA, he was a founding member of Charlotte Angel Partners in North Carolina. Since 1999, Peters has been an active investor in early stage companies.

Peters is also a prolific podcaster; check out The Frank Peters Show: Angel Investing and Venture Capital. Due in part to these efforts, Frank was a finalist for the 2006 High Impact Person of the Year Award at the AeA’s 13th Annual Orange County High-Tech Innovations Awards and Technology Showcase. He has a B.S. in mathematics from the University of Massachusetts and a masters’ degree in computer science from the University of California, Los Angeles.

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