ACT! to SalesLogix Conversion

How Do You Know When to Make the Move?
Many individuals and small businesses use Contact Managers to sell effectively. And depending on the size and type of business, growth introduces additional needs into the corporation, requiring a new set of capabilities especially if you have 20 or more users.

Transition to new software is often not easy. If you are here evaluating whether SalesLogix may be a good fit for your business, and are coming from ACT! or another Contact Manager, we would like to show you some of the benefits that you can achieve through Customer Relationship Management.

Worried about the cost and complexity of CRM? Don't be. With SalesLogix QuickStart you can get a complete CRM system implemented in 30 days for an upfront, fixed price guaranteed! It's all of the CRM power you need for your business in one easy-to-use solution.




Easy-to-use interface salespeople love to use

Easy-to-use interface salespeople love to use

Great place to start automating!

The natural evolution for growing companies

Perfect fit for small businesses and independently operating organizations within larger companies

Perfect fit for small to mid-size businesses who need to share customer knowledge and coordinate activities among various entities

Easily customized by individual users to match the way they work

Easily customized by VARs and internal IT teams to match existing sales processes and for integration with other enterprise systems

Data can be exported to other software programs or used directly for fax, e-mail, mail merge.

Startup data can be imported from many sources, including ACT!


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Talk to a SalesLogix sales representative to see if the SalesLogix QuickStart program is right for you.

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How to send your database for conversion


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