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Eagle Scout




Shaddock Foundation


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Eagle Scout

Rick Shaddock and His Excellency Mario Canahuati
Ambassador of Honduras to the United States

El Presidente of Honduras Ricardo Maduro

and La Primera Dama Aguas Ocaņa de Maduro

Rick & Mick
Rick Shaddock & Mick Jagger
Helped Rolling Stones Mgr in DC

Contractor at the Pentagon
Taught over 1000 staff in computer software

with His Excellency Dr. Jaime Daremblum
Ambassador of Costa Rica to the United States

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with His Excellency Tigran S.  Seiranian
Consul of The Embassy of Armenia

World Bank projects in other countries

World Bank projects

The Honorable Judge David Mason
Congratulates Rick for contributions to
The Enlightened Sentencing Project

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Dr. Herbert Benson, Harvard Medical School
Course participant Shaddock
Relaxation Response

Colgate University Wrestling Team

Candidate for Congress for the Natural Law Party

NY Monroe County and Section V Tumbling Champion

Programmer at the National Security Agency

Faculty of Government Training Center

Research Projects and Interests

TM, Computers, Internet, Digital Currency, JFK, 9/11 Truth


American Management Association

American Educational Research Association



American patriot

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Eagle Scout

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U.S. Marine  (SSN confidential)

Defense contractor

Instructor to over 1000 staff
at the Pentagon

Contractor, National Security Agency

Helping Ambassador of Honduras

First lady and President of Honduras

Computer Instructor
El Salvador

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Helping Consul of Embassy of Armenia

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Instructor, Yerevan Armenia
WB project to help the economy

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World Bank HQ, Armenia

Dr. John Hagelin (for President)
Rick ran for Congress in 1996

Dr. Herbert Benson
TM and Relaxation Response researcher

Richard Gage
Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Col. Ann Wright (US Army)
peace and truth activist

Thomas Drake, NSA
peace and truth activist

Ray McGovern, CIA official who gave
the President's Daily Brief to Reagan

Wayne Madsen

Noor and Alli McCracken

Barry Kissin and Art Olivier
producer of OperationTerror.com

Webster Tarpley 

Kevin Barrett, PhD

Dick Gregory, actor and peace activist

Wayne Madsen - NSA whistle blower

John Edward Hurley

National Press Club

Russell D. Tice - NSA whistle blower

Senator Jay Rockefeller

Bevan Morris, Doctor of World Peace

Medea Benjamin

Iowa Senator Charles Grassley
Rick - Jefferson County Alt. Delegate

Roger Stone
Author: LBJ killed JFK

Lobbbying for peace at the office of
Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa
in Washington, DC

David Swanson
Author: War is a Lie

Lobbying at the office of
Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama
in Washington, DC

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Part time faculty of USDA Graduate School
since 1986 www.GraduateSchool.edu

Computer programmer for NASA

Computer instructor and programmer for the Navy

Delivering petitions on Capitol Hill
Rep. Steve Stockman's office

Thomas Drake and
Edward Snowden's attorney
Jesselyn Radack
at an Internet Privacy conference

Woody Pichai in office of 
Senator Sherrod Brown

Lunch in House or Rep. caferia
with Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL)


Dr. Jim Carrey received an honorary doctorate
and gave the commencement speech at
Maharishi University, May 2014

Lobbying the Senate with
Richard Gage
Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Congressman David Loebsack (D-Iowa)

Judge David Mason congratulates Rick
webmaster for EnlightenedSentencing.com

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky)


Judge David Mason congratulates Rick
webmaster for EnlightenedSentencing.com


Bachelors Degree in Natural Science
Colgate University  Senior Honorary Society

Master of Arts in Education  Honor Roll for high GPA
Maharishi University of Management

1629 K Street, Washington DC office of ANETA

Association for Nine Eleven Truth Awareness

Lobbying office at
1629 K Street NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC  20006

Lobbying for truth on many issues
on Capitol Hill in
Washington, DC

Equal Justice Under Law

Pat Sullivan, founder of ACT! software

Cool Ideas refreshment stand