Data Conversion & CleanUp Services

We help you make the switch to your preferred database system,
and bring along the data you have entered over the years.

General Steps for Data Conversion

1. Decide which program to convert to and how much it will cost

2. Find the files to convert, and put them in a Zip file.  We can help via Join.Me

3. Upload your newest data file to our secure server
    Please see our YouTube video.

4. We work on your database

5. We email you the finished product for downloading.

6. When you are satisfied we delete the files from our server

1 Decide

2 Zip the File(s)

3. Upload the File(s)

What formats can we Convert to?

To and From almost every popular format:
Accessing Access or ACT!
Going to or from Goldmine
Migrating to or from Maximizer
Oracle, SalesLogix,
switching to or from SalesForce,
swimming away from Sharkware,
and more (see our list below)...

How much does it cost?

Compute the cost per individual record from our chart of standard hourly fees.

Is my data secure?
Online Privacy Statement

For your protection,
we honor a standard
Non Disclosure Agreement
or one of your own design.



Find which files to send:
Data Conversion Matrix

Compress and combine your data files with
WinZip or Windows

To send the Zip file, you may use the form in Step 3, then click SUBMIT to send it to our secure server for conversion.

We can log in with a password you give us
using remote access systems
such as TeamViewer, LogMeIn, JoinMe, etc.

Contact Us if you have any questions

For small to medium sized files
Click here to Upload Your Data File

For Files larger than 50 Megabytes

Password: (please contact us)

For small Files, you can email them to us.
Please include the word "convert"
in the Subject of the email


Other methods to Upload Your Data File

If this form will not work with your fire wall or for files over 100 megabytes,
please use standard FTP or CuteFTP

As a last resort, put it on a CD or storage device and mail it to our address at
806 North 4th Street
PO Box 1711
Fairfield, Iowa, 52556



Consulting & Training

Data Conversion

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access.jpg (1135 bytes) Microsoft Access
act.jpg (1444 bytes) ACT!
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approach.jpg (1283 bytes) Lotus Approach Approach Approach convert
Broker's Ally
Contact Information
dbase.jpg (1184 bytes) dBase
excel.jpg (1173 bytes) Microsoft Excel ExcelHelp.Us
fox.jpg (1122 bytes) Microsoft FoxPro
goldmine.jpg (1426 bytes) Goldmine
Bill Good's
Gorilla Marketing
groupwise.jpg (1393 bytes) Novell
Groupwise GroupWise Convert
Inscomm Inscomm Inscomm Convert
LotusNotes.jpg (1146 bytes) Lotus Notes Lotus Notes Help Notes Convert
wpe41.jpg (1437 bytes) Maestro Maestro Maestro Conversion
Maximizer_icon.jpg (1183 bytes) Maximizer

wpe30.jpg (2979 bytes)

Microsoft CRM
odbc.jpg (1207 bytes) Microsoft SQL Microsoft SQL database conversions
MM Multimate Multimate document conversions
N.jpg (1471 bytes) Novell
BTrieve / Pervasive
database conversions
oracleabc.jpg (961 bytes) Oracle
Small Business
Oracle Small Business XML conversions
outlook.jpg (1020 bytes) Microsoft Outlook and
Business Contact Manager

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Palm database

PalmHelp.Us PalmConvert.Us
HP Palmtop
Pocket PC
wpe1B.jpg (1499 bytes) Paradox Paradox Paradox conversions
Q&A.jpg (1273 bytes) Symantec Q&A Q&A
quickbooks.jpg (1281 bytes) Quicken
Quicken & QuickBooks data conversions
RBase.jpg (1244 bytes) Microrim R:Base R:Base data conversions
wpeE.jpg (1052 bytes) SalesforceHelp.US
saleslogix.jpg (980 bytes) SalesLogix
Sharks.jpg (1250 bytes) Sharkware
telemagic.gif (2200 bytes) TeleMagic / Sage CRM
wpe20.jpg (905 bytes) Wang Wang document conversions
wpe5.jpg (1159 bytes) WordPerfect WordPerfectConvert document conversions
wpe13.jpg (1184 bytes) WordStar WordStar document conversions
XML XML XMLConvert.Net data conversions

Class Room:
3300 Fairfax Drive, Suite C
Arlington, VA  22202

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Data Center:
806 North 4th Street
Fairfield, IA  52556

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