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We specialize in getting ALL the details from one database format into another.
So you don't have to re-enter any data. We have years of experience doing projects with SharkWare.  Sharkware is belly up, but are you stranded in the water?
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Which CRM should you convert from Sharkware to?
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Sharkware to ACT!
Sharkware to Maximizer
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We convert your files on fast pentiums, and monitor their progress closely from anywhere.
      Sharkware to Outlook
Sharkware to Access
Sharkware to Goldmine
Sharkware to Palm
Sharkware to MS-CRM

Sharkware to NetSuite
Sharkware to others upon request
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We have seen cases where it may load, but freezes, requiring rebooting, or does not install at all. Best to go with modern contact manager that keeps pace with the latest technology.
Review of Contact Managers:
Free Trial Versions of Contact Managers
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Best Software / Interact Commerce Corporation ACT! Demo
Commence Corporation Commence
Front Range Solutions GoldMine Demo
Microsoft Corporation Microsoft CRM Demo
MultiActive Maximizer Demo NetSuite Demo
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Don't be left belly up!
Swim from Sharkware to a contact manager that will keep you afloat 2004

How to find your most recent SHARK.DB file to send

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Sadly, Sharkware does not work on Windows 10

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