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Wired Contact - ACT! through the Web

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WiredContact is an out-of-box web interface to ACT! that can dramatically change the way customer information is shared and maintained throughout the enterprise. Companies pour thousands of dollars into training users on SFA solutions. WiredContact allows companies to maintain continuity with ACT!, while providing users access to data in a more dynamic environment. An intuitive web interface makes it easy to navigate the database with familiar functionality. WiredContact makes possible:

Screens can be customized with user-defined fields and other corporate data. Network users instantaneously see updates and changes made from the Web Browser. WiredContact is deployed quickly with minimal training requirements. Find out how WiredContact can dramatically change the way customer and prospect information is shared throughout your organization. Tour WiredContact for ACT! or call C I Corporation for more information.

Tour WiredContact for ACT!
or call C I Corporation at 800-DATA1-OK
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What is  WiredContact  for ACT!? Take a Tour

WiredContact is a fully interactive web application. By fully interactive, we mean that information is transmitted from the web application to ACT!, and from ACT! to the web application in real time. For example, if someone on the LAN makes a change to the ACT! database (contact record, group record, note, history, activity), it is immediately available to a remote user using WiredContact on a dial-up connection. Likewise, when a remote user using dialup, a WAN connection, or maybe even a non Windows based computer like a Macintosh or a LINUX workstation makes a change to an ACT! database (contact record, group record, note, history, activity), that change is available to any standard LAN ACT! user immediately. WiredContact is not a synchronizing application. It is a live, fully interactive client to an ACT! database.

WiredContact for ACT! gives people using full sized browsers on PCs, Macintoshes, and other full size machines full access to an ACT! database that is located across a LAN, WAN or remote dialup link where it may be impractical to use the standard ACT! for Windows 95/98/NT program. WiredContact uses your existing ACT! database, plus Windows NT/2000 with Internet Information Server to turn ACT! from a standard client server contact manager, to a fully internet enabled application for all of your users where ever they may be.

WiredContact is a web application originally conceived as a compliment to our wireless product: UnwiredContact. UnwiredContact allows individuals using smart phones, Palm Pilots and WinCE devices to access corporate information that is in the home office wirelessly.

UnwiredContact extends the capabilities of WiredContact to the mobile professional at the airport, in their car or even walking down the street.

So how does  WiredContact  for ACT! work?

WiredContact uses advanced technology to turn your ACT! database into an extension of Microsoft's Internet Information Server. WiredContact is fully compatible with ACT!.

Is  WiredContact  for ACT! customizable?

WiredContact is built with ease of configuration in mind. All that is required is a knowledge of your ACT! database structure and the ability to edit HTML files. You can make any field visible, read only or read/write, with popups or without. The best thing is that most of the things you want to customize are maintained in ACT!. To change the popup for a field in WiredContact, you just change the popup in ACT!. It's that simple.

Also, you have your choice of where you want to place the fields, how you want to display your calendar (day, week and month calendars), which columns you want displayed in your lookups, plus the ability to give it the look and feel you want. All of this can be done just by using your HTML editor.

You can also easily link existing corporate information into WiredContact. Use WiredContact to jump start your corporate intranet.

By using WiredContact, everyone in the enterprise can be Wired!

Why should I plan to use  WiredContact  for ACT!?

There are several great reasons to use this great new technology! Let's go through a couple of scenerios:

We have satellite offices. Most of our offices have a 56K frame relay link to us, but some have 128K ISDN. We are trying to use ACT! with synchronization, but it requires a lot of attention. Can WiredContact make things easier for us?

    Yes! WiredContact is perfect for your organization. All of your people in remote offices can access the database just like they access a web page, with a web browser. Even on your older machines, you will find the performance exceptional! On top of that, all of your changes to the database are made in real time, so when you schedule an activity for someone in a remote office, it shows up on their calendar right away! New contacts show up in all offices immediately, all without synchronizing!

Many of our employees would like access to the ACT! database from home, but we can't afford laptops. It's too much effort to synchronize with casual users, and it's hard to support an employees personal home machine. What can WiredContact do for us?

    First, WiredContact does not need anything more on the home machine than a browser. There are no Java applets to download, no ActiveX objects. Because of this clean client architecture, you can use almost any computer to use WiredContact without having to support anything but the browser! Additionally, WiredContact works very well across the internet via a standard dial-up ISP account. And to make it all sound hard to believe, any changes made to the main database are available immediately to any ACT! user on the LAN, any WiredContact user across the virtual enterprise, and any UnwiredContact user with a smart phone!

We have mobile professionals with laptops. I'm sure that WiredContact has no benefit for us!

    WiredContact for ACT! can benefit almost every mobile professional! Most mobile professionals don't open their laptops when they need the information most. They are seldom used in a car, seldom used at a client's site (and if they are, it's only because that's how they make their presentations). Most mobile professionals use an additional device to manage their contacts when they are making their rounds. From Palm Pilots to Franklin Planners, most mobile professionals are busy trying to maintain their contacts in two separate systems! (Sometimes, it's the sticky note with a stack of business cards system). With a combination of WiredContact and UnwiredContact, your mobile professionals will have live and immediate information at their fingertips where ever they go! All ACT! fields are supported. All contacts in a database, regardless of how many you have. All notes, all activities, all history. You can easily get to ACT! from your car, from the sidewalk, from your client's office, from your home and your mobile office, where ever that may be. All Live! All the Time! Call us and ask for more details about this revolution in the way we will all interface with our contact databases!


Benefits of Using Wired Contact with ACT! (for the desktop)

Additional Functionality of Wired Contact over ACT! (web or desktop)


So how do I get started with  WiredContact  for ACT!?

    Call us (800-319-3190), fax us (877-727-9070) or send us an email at info@CICorp.com, and we'll get answers to your questions.

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Then, take a tour of the WiredContact databases. If you have one of the new PCS phones from Sprint, you can also take UnwiredContact for a spin. It's a simple buying decision, a simple implementation, and a fast, effective, easy way to enjoy the benefits of ACT! in a whole new and productive way. The longer you wait, the more support dollars you will spend on supporting the past. Step up to the present, and realize the benefits of the future!


ACT! Wired Contact 1-4 licenses
ACT! Wired Contact 1-4 licenses
Price: $349.00  
ACT! Wired Contact 5-9 license
ACT! Wired Contact 5-9 license
Price: $239.00  
ACT! Wired Contact 10+ licenses
ACT! Wired Contact 10+ licenses
Price: $189.00  


We can Host your ACT! Database - on Optical Cable (OC192) - the fastest commercially available






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