Additional Functionality not available in ACT! for Web

Security profiles can be created and assigned to each user:

Create security profiles - by field:

Full access

Read Only (can still schedule and clear activities, notes)

No Access privileges (can still add activities, notes)

      Assign No Update Profile - the user may not save contact details, or modify a contact record in any way.

Create unlimited profiles and then assign to users on-the-fly

Give rights to user to delete contacts, notes, history, sales opportunities, group membership

Give rights to user to edit notes, keyword search, lookup all

Restrict Access to Contacts:

by Group (only one)

by Record Manager

when Contact records are restricted, show restricted contacts in Lookup

when the current user is not the Record Manager of the current record select how Contact information is displayed:

No Restrictions - the current contact behaves the same, whether the current user is identified as the Record Manager of the current record or not.

No Update - the use may not save contact details, or modify a contact record in any way.

Attachments automatically available to all users - remote and LAN

Global library instantly available to all WiredContact users

Centrally post any type of document on the WiredContact server (in the Library folder) to be available immediately for WiredContact users

Create hyperlinks to Lookup contact data from the Contact detail screen

Example: when on a contact record, click on the COMPANY field label to lookup all the contacts in that displayed Company.

Have more than one ACT! database open at once

Display multiple windows at once

Example: display 2 contact records or display the calendar and contact record

Integration with Enterprise Databases

Create links to other web-enabled applications using standard industry tools, such as
Active Server Pages

Create automatic email links to trigger tasks

Example: create icon to send contact information with sales history to a specified person

Customizations (some examples):

Use of check boxes

Allow more than one email field

Use java script to make calculations, populate fields based on data from other fields, etc.

Restrict ability to use different layouts

Show same field as read only on one view and full access on another view

Display any contact field in the task list